Michelle Hunziker I want to achieve the serenity with Tomaso

Michelle Hunziker: “I want to achieve the serenity with Tomaso that I have with Eros” and the other gossip of the weekend

A few days after the debut of the second installment of Michelle Impossible, her one-woman show on Canale 5, Michelle Hünziker She returns to Verissimo about her relationship with Tomaso Trussardi, from whom she split in January 2022. «For me, the ultimate goal is to achieve the balance I achieved with Eros. I must say that we get along well with Tomaso, we follow our path », confided the showgirl and took the opportunity to speak again about the relationship that connects her with Ramazzotti. “We are very close, we love each other very much. There is a will to live as a parent family. We are good friends. A couple can separate, but the parents must always stay, because the separation of the parents is a trauma for the children. We must try to love each other even when we are apart, both for ourselves and for the children,” confesses Michelle Hunziker, who is ready to not only experience the euphoria that comes with her magnificent return on television, but also the joy of becoming a grandmother to her first grandchild.

Here’s the other weekend gossip you may have missed.

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Rihanna and A$AP Rocky

Rihanna And A$AP Rocky Didn’t Hire Nanny After Baby’s Birth: ‘It Was Just Us And Him’

After the amazing performance at the Super Bowl, where she sang on platforms floating in the air with her baby bump in front of her eyes, Rihanna returns to talk motherhood and her first child. In an interview with British Vogue, the 34-year-old singer revealed that she and partner A$AP Rocky chose not to rely on a nanny for their nine-month-old baby, explaining they were alone with him in his first days of life. “We came home and had nobody. It was just us parents and our baby,” Rihanna recalled.

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Yoko Ono turns 90

“My mom can’t walk past a tree without enthusiastically hugging it.” Sean Lennon said so while explaining the gift he gave to his mom Yoko Ono, who turns 90 on February 19, an online Installation inspired by the first “Wish Tree” created by Yoko in 1996 in the wake of the ancient Japanese tradition of writing A wishes on a piece of paper and then hanging it on a branch. In fact, between the 1960s and today, John Lennon’s widow has amassed nearly two million “wishes.”the notes that visitors to his exhibitions could leave on trees in museums and galleries around the world or buried at the base of the Imagine Peace Tower in Iceland.


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Bruce Willis, the diagnosis: He suffers from “frontotemporal dementia”

«We want to tell you what our beloved husband, father and friend is going through, now that we better understand his illness. Since we announced the diagnosis aphasiaBruce’s condition gradually deteriorated and Today we have a more specific diagnosis: Frontotemporal Dementia (better known as FTD) Unfortunately, communication problems are just a symptom of the illness Bruce is struggling with. While it’s all extremely painful, it’s a relief to finally have a clear diagnosis,” Demi Moore commented, clarifying the condition her ex-husband Bruce Willis suffers from.


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Judi Dench is nearing retirement due to macular degeneration

One of the most famous and celebrated actresses of her generation, Judi Dench may be on the verge of retiring from the stage, and not of her own accord. In fact, during an interview on The Graham Norton Show, Dench decided to open up about his health condition and stated that he had almost completely lost his eyesight due to the illness she has been suffering from for several years macular degeneration. Being able to read the screenplay and learn her lines is becoming an increasingly insurmountable obstacle for Judi Dench: “Now it has become impossible for me to memorize the lines, also because I have a photographic memory,” says the actress.


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The Mystery of Faith by Chiara Ferragni

In the stories that Chiara Ferragni continues to post, a detail has emerged that has not escaped the most observant observers: In a selfie in her walk-in closet, the entrepreneur no longer wears her wedding ringwhile the next one might be a way to fool the followers and play with them a bit.


Luca Argentero and Cristina Marino’s parents: Noè Roberto was born

It’s a black and white shot of three fingers caressing and caressing each other Luca Argentero He decided to let the world know that he has become a father for the second time. In fact, on February 16, Noah Roberto was born, son of the actor and Cristina Marino, who came three years after little Nina Speranza. The news was anticipated by weekly Chi and confirmed by those directly involved, who waited 24 hours before breaking the good news.


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