Michelle Hunziker hit and sunk: Alberto Angela’s ‘shot’ is fierce

Michelle Hunziker hit and sunk: Alberto Angela’s ‘shot’ is fierce

AlbertAngela along with his father among the most popular and most visited presenters Piero Angelawho passed away a few days ago, was able to revolutionize and add new depth scientific publication and the big screen. A success that even overwhelmed Michelle Hunziker and “arrived”.. Let’s see what happened.


These are difficult and unexpected days for television as a whole and for the world of culture and science in general: the Disappearance of Piero Angela it affected everyone, from the youngest to the humblest, from academics to ordinary people.

there Presence and human and professional value the presenter of “Superquark” touched the viewers: his disappearance is truly a great loss on all levels. They prove it too the words of his son AlbertoHe spent a long time next to his father during the lay funeral ceremony that was broadcast on Rai 1.

A touching, sincere, profound speech that evokes love, affection, devotion, extraordinary preparation and much more the “life well spent” of this great manFirst.

And it is Alberto Angela who demonstrates just how much Culture, studies, curiosity, the importance of knowledge prevail on any program and they are the keys to understanding the worldlive it to the full.

His “win” against Michelle Hünziker it is the testimony and proof of how important it is quality of informationof the proposed content the number of games. A hard blow for the beautiful Swiss presenterwhose supremacy in terms of ratings and audience satisfaction has been undermined.

Alberto Angela: Know first

Alberto Angela boasts one thing respectable way for studies, academic qualifications and countless television experiences. In conclusion, between honorary titles and various honors, Piero Angela’s son is a Paleontologist, journalist, presenter, writer and science popularizer.

Behind him research activities, archaeological excavations and very successful television work. “Superquark”, “Voyages in the Cosmos”, “Ulysses – The Pleasure of Discovery”, “Passage to the North West”, “Wonders”, “Tonight at …”: a Heritage of information and documentation extraordinary, the result of passion, thorough study and an extraordinary interest that can be passed on to the public.

Alberto and Piero Angela

There is no shortage of either literary contributionsIs correct best seller like “A Day in Ancient Rome. Everyday life, secrets and curiosities” (Mondadori, 2007), “Impero” (Mondadori, 2010) and “Love and sex in ancient Rome” (Mondadori, 2012), “The three days of Pompeii” (Rizzoli, 2014), “ San Pietro” (Rizzoli, 2015), “The eyes of the Mona Lisa.

The genius Leonardo tells of Mona Lisa” (Rizzoli, 2016) and the trilogy “The Last Day of Rome” (HarperCollins Italia, 2020), “Hell Over Rome” (HarperCollins Italia, 2021) and the third volume just published June 2022.

A tireless and rich activityfrom a cultural and informational point of view.

The “slap” for Michelle Hunziker

Given Alberto Angela’s diverse range of works, it’s easy to see what his programs are capable of Avoid media content of cultural quality perhaps lower and therefore less persecuted.

Alberto Angela and Michelle Hunziker

Such is the case in the episode of “Tonight in… Naples”, aired December 25. An episode in which a was recorded extraordinary success: 22% share, 4 million 154 thousand viewers. Numbers with which Alberto Angela triumphed and on “All together now children“By Michelle Hunziker, who was unable to achieve similar results.

Same effect too Socialwhere the popularizer has become good 11,000 tweets and lots of positive feedback and messages on social media. A success which certainly won’t take long to replicate also on other occasions.