Michelle Bolsonaro becomes digital influencer for friends’ brand

Michelle Bolsonaro becomes digital influencer for friends’ brand

Posted on 1/19/2023 11:41 AM / Updated on 1/19/2023 11:46 AM

    (Credit: Reproduction/Instagram  @ michellebolsonaro)

(Credit: Reproduction/Instagram @ michellebolsonaro)

Former First Lady of the Republic Michelle Bolsonaro, wife of former President Jair Bolsonaro (PL), resurfaced on the internet this Wednesday (18 January). This time the agenda is neither political nor religious. Michelle appeared on Instagram Stories to promote a friend’s beauty and accessories brand.

“Hi guys? I’m stopping by today to show you two products that I love from my friend Agustin Fernandez,” says Michelle in her debut as a digital influencer, promoting two skin beauty products.

The videos posted on Instagram Stories are accompanied by links to purchase the products on the makeup artist’s website. The brand is called “O Divo”. Next she appears and shows how to use the products.

In addition to cosmetics, the former first lady also advertised necklaces made of nickel, silver or gold. One has the silhouette of Brazil and the other is filled with the states.

Necklaces from Brazil, by Agustin FernandezNecklaces from Brazil, by Agustin Fernandez (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram @ michellebolsonaro)

It was unclear whether the former first lady received money for advertising or whether this was done out of “comradeship”. The Bolsonaro family has been living in Orlando, USA since December 30 last year. They are studying to extend the season in the North American country, but for that they will have to assess the financial problems, according to behindthescenes information.

The Liberal Party (PL), of which Michelle and Bolsonaro belong, must pay the former first lady an estimated salary of BRL 33,000, the same as an MP’s salary. The amount was decided after the party stopped paying the expresident’s rent in Brasilia. However, the amount does not have to be paid until the couple returns to Brazil.


Agustin Fernandez is a makeup artist and personal friend of Michelle Bolsonaro. In addition to vacation trips with the Bolsonaro family, he even made several presidential trips, including to London in the entourage of Queen Elizabeth II. In May, the makeup artist, the former First Lady and Senator Damares Alves (RepublicanosDF) were in Israel.

In August 2021, the makeup artist rode on a Brazilian Air Force (FAB) plane, also joined by former first lady Michelle Bolsonaro, former minister Damares Alves and seven other of her relatives, to celebrate Fernandez’s birthday at a restaurant in Moema, São Paulo.

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  • Michelle Bolsonaro advertises her friend's cosmetics brand online

    Michelle Bolsonaro promotes her friend’s beauty product brand online Photo: Reproduction/Instagram @ michellebolsonaro

  • Necklaces from Brazil, by Agustin Fernandez

    Necklaces from Brazil, by Agustin Fernandez Photo: Reproduction/Instagram @ michellebolsonaro