Michelle Barros leaves TV after 12 years on TV Open

Michelle Barros left after losing SP2 command to Burnier, the site says

Photo Credit: Playback/Instagram

Michelle Barros leaves TV Globo after 12 years on TV: ‘Open to whatever comes’ (Credit: Reproduction/Instagram)

The journalist Michelle Barros announced his departure from TV Globo on Thursday (12th) after 12 years with the broadcaster. According to the Notícias da TV website, the presenter would have been dissatisfied when he learned that the company would have preferred to command José Roberto Burnier, who was with GloboNews, SP2 after Carlos Tramontina left the program.

Also according to the website, Michelle felt left behind and with no prospect of further development in the network.

Michelle had acted as a backup anchor for seven and during the Covid19 pandemic she had scaled heavily to cover bank holidays, weekends and vacations for incumbents. With that, she ran various news programs that are part of Globo’s newsroom in São Paulo.

During this time, César Tralli left SP1 to take over Jornal Hoje and substitute presenter Alan Severiano began to command the midday news.

Carlos Tramontina was fired from the station last month. Therefore, the management preferred to remove the journalist José Roberto Burnier from paytv to take over the post.

To announce her departure, Michelle posted a series of photos from her career with the network on her Instagram profile and wrote a thank you note.

“For almost 12 years I have traveled the four corners of São Paulo, I have known its extremes, its misery and its luxury. I reported in Globo the misadventures and beauties of the city this Alagoan embraced. The road gave me skin, a talent for improvisation, the ability to move quickly from one subject to another, it gave me sensitivity, empathy, it helped me mature,” Michelle began.

In the text, Michelle commented on how Globo hugged her early in her career. “But I knew what I wanted. 7 years ago I started replacing the presenters on the São Paulo TV news. I’ve been to all the stalls in Sampa. I learned from a top team, got inspired, developed myself! You have given me the freedom to speak my mind, to be tough when I have to, to smile when the moment calls for it just like life.”

“I was before the last two broadcasts of the São Paulo Carnival. This year I was on the air for almost 10 hours on night 1 and about 8 hours the next. I enjoyed every minute, smiled, hugged, celebrated! I want more of this: journalism with entertainment, light, dialogue, for you, with you. It’s been a while since I’ve felt like I’ve completed a cycle. And I’ve never been afraid to give myself fully to what I believe in. At the age of 42, 22 of them in journalism, I have decided that I will open myself to it: new formats, new stories, new perspectives,” he continued.
“I dive into the unknown, open the doors wide, with butterflies in my stomach and an immense will to learn. I make myself available to the new! Open to whatever comes! I asked Ana Escalada, my boss and friend, to leave the company.”

“Thank you very much! I will devote myself to social networks, I will talk about communication with you there, on YouTube, on Instagram, I will do events, meetings, trips… I will finish my law degree at the end of the year and I have to do this Put content copyright, social media and digital right on our agenda on the internet.Anyway, I’m going and I hope you’re with me wherever I am!Our lives are what we make of them.And I always will be able to say: “I tried!” Many thanks to everyone! For everything!”, concluded the presenter on the social network.