Michele Hunziker grandmother to be takes her consuocera for a

Michele Hunziker, grandmother to be, takes her consuocera for a walk. Who is Francesca Malato

It was a tough start to the year for Michelle Hunziker, but now there is reason to smile: Her Aurora is pregnant and will make her a grandmother in April. So it’s time to meet Francesca Romano Malato or the Consuocera or the mother of Goffredo Cerza, Aurora’s partner. Exactly this weekend Ms. Francesca left Rome, where she lives, to reach Milan, where Michelle was, to spend an afternoon shopping together. Under the cot banner? Who knows.

The detail about Tomaso Trussardi

Surely it is Aurora herself to immortalize the two “consuocere” on Instagram. “Nun,” he captioned a photo of the two walking down the street. Francesca’s departure was this morning from Rome by train to Milan, the city where Aurora and Goffredo live together and where they will set up their love nest to wait for the stork. Between smiles and walks, she and Michelle stroll through the center with envelopes in hand.

A detail attracts attention. With the two women is also little Odin, Tomaso Trussardi’s little dog. And then the question arises: Do the entrepreneur and Michelle, who has been separated since January, try again? Meanwhile, belief on the finger still does not reappear, so any hypothesis is premature.

Who is Goffredo Cerza, Aurora Ramazzotti’s boyfriend who will make her mother: from work to parents

Who is Francesca?

But more than Michelle, Francesca is in the spotlight. Unknown to the world of entertainment, it invites curiosity to him. Goffredo’s mother, who works in healthcare, is manager and general director of the special clinic LabAurelia in Rome and is married to Fabio Cerza, with whom she had Goffredo and their first child Carolina. The whole family works in the health sector, except for Goffredo, who has chosen the path of economics.

Michelle Hunziker and Eros Ramazzotti: the first photos with the in-laws

It’s not the first time that Francesca and her husband Fabio have appeared on Michelle’s social networks. A few days ago, the whole family went to Verona to watch Eros Ramazzotti’s concert together. Ramazzotti, who made his first grandfather statements during these hours: ÔÇťAurora and Goffredo love each other, there is something so deep that today it is a bit lost, so these two boys who love each other and give birth to a child are straight a crazy example, I would give him a round of applause. Goffredo is a very good boy”.

Eros Ramazzotti grandfather: the commentary on Goffredo Cerza, friend of his daughter Aurora

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