Michela Murgia’s queer wedding: gender neutral white dresses and wedding rings for everyone

Michela Murgia’s queer wedding: gender-breaking white dresses and wedding rings for everyone

The author shared pictures of her “non-wedding” on social networks. Garments designed by Maria Grazia Chiuri of Dior READ ALL READ LESS

“God save the queer”. Michela Murgia celebrated her “non-marriage” with Lorenzo Terenzi, who wore a white dress with this inscription. In fact, the wedding in its intentions is a political act: at the ceremony there was not a single bride and groom, but the whole family was dressed in white and wore a wedding ring on their finger.

Among the guests was Saviano The author published pictures of the party on social networks. Dior’s creative director designed the clothes,
Maria Grazia Chiuri. The all-white dresses are part of a gender-neutral family mini-collection. In the photos, the girlfriend also peeks out between the guests of the wedding
Roberto Saviano.

“God save the queer” A party with everyone dressed all in white and relaxing in the garden of the house for Michela Murgia’s queer wedding. An evening that smacks of happiness but which in its intent was a political manifesto about the family one chooses, a fashion show where the bride flaunted scripture
“God save gays” The dress was embroidered with red beads and instead of the queen’s head, her face was visible. In the new Roman house, which can accommodate the writer’s entire family, were the four children and the rest of the queer family: Lorenzo, Claudia, Marco, Alessandro, Cinzia, as well as the writers Chiara Valerio and Chiara Tagliaferri, the opera singer Francesco Leone, Roberto Saviano, Nicola Lagioia, Paolo Repetti, Teresa Ciabatti.

A political act In mid-July, Michela Murgia announced that she had married actor Lorenzo Terenzi in a civil ceremony for purely legal and economic reasons. Reason: “to guarantee each other’s rights”. The author wrote on social networks: “Lorenzo and I signed a contract with the state to obtain rights that could not be obtained otherwise.”

All in white – that’s why Now Michela Murgia has spelled out the reason for the “non-marriage” in white. “When Maria Grazia Chiuri told me ‘I want to design your wedding dress,’ I felt embarrassed: I don’t consider myself a bride,” she shared, “the fact that everyone keeps romanticizing the question and congratulating us doesn’t change the reality.” Three days later she sent me the sketches of an entire family mini-collection that perfectly interprets the queer spirit of our being together. Totally white for everyone, it desacralizes the wedding color, changing its meaning: white is inclusive, an additive synthesis of all the colors of the spectrum. In the collection that he gave us, created ad hoc, there are only interchangeable, gender-neutral pieces, among which each one chose the combination that best expresses his identity.” As for the rings, he explained that they were not two wedding bands that were symbols of belonging, but resin knight rings with frogs, beings that change their shape and environment several times in life and can be considered a symbol of change itself.