Michel in Kyiv, “They need tanks now”    ANSA news agency

Michel in Kyiv, “They need tanks now” ANSA news agency

(ANSA) – BRUSSELS, 19 JANUARY – “The coming weeks and months will be crucial. you need more More air defense systems, more long-range missiles and ammunition, and most importantly, you need tanks. Now. And we also support you internationally, beyond the borders of Ukraine.” This was stated by Prime Minister Charles Michel in a speech to the Ukrainian Rada in Kyiv.

“We are doing everything to isolate Russia. The European Union has passed nine very tough sanctions packages, and it doesn’t stop there. We are also working hard to gain the widest international support for your country. In Africa, in Asia, in China and Latin America, at every meeting with foreign leaders, support for your country is the first issue we raise,” stressed Michel in the Ukrainian parliament. (HANDHABEN).



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