1674969326 Miami International Airports North Terminal has been closed due to

Miami International Airport’s North Terminal has been closed due to a suspicious object

The North Terminal of Miami International Airport has been evacuated over a suspicious package

The police department of Miami-Dade evacuated the this Saturday afternoon North Terminal of Miami International Airport Because of a suspicious package that stayed in the building.

The incident happened around 6:00 p.m. when one of the dogs of the airport security forces was alerted a piece of baggage left in Terminal CC D (North).. The area was immediately evacuated and the appropriate protocol activated. “All safety devices have been implemented and bomb squads called,” police told The Sun US

The incident happened around 6pm when a police dog noticed the package (Twitter: @LouisvilleClark)The incident happened around 6pm when a police dog noticed the package (Twitter: @LouisvilleClark)

The airport’s Twitter account reported that the terminal’s operations have been extended due to an investigation by the police in miam dade to clarify the case and asked passengers to contact the airlines directly for updates on delayed flights.

“An investigation is affecting operations in CC D. If you are traveling tonight and planning to travel from CC D, please contact your airline for the latest flight information. Some areas in CC D can still be accessed via the checkpoint in CC E,” the airport wrote on Twitter during the lockdown.

The air Line American Airlines He also wrote a message on his profile, reassuring his clients The airport team is working as soon as possible to restore normality.

Tweet from Miami AirportTweet from Miami Airport

The international arrivals area was also affected Although the sky train, Connection of several airport terminals, kept running normal between Seasons 1, 3 and 4.

The affected users shared videos of the clearing of the site. Among them, an identified tweeter Frederick Joseph, who wrote: “I’ve just landed at Miami airport in what is alleged to be a bomb threat. The whole airport is closed and we are stuck at passport control“.

For their part, the airport authorities asked users with flights in the following hours to be on time in case of possible delays.

Last December, another terminal of the Miami Airport saw its operations impacted after arresting a man on a plane bound for Havana for involvement in the theft of a Watch worth more than $1,000.

Store employees told police the stolen watch was from the brand Tissot and that they had a videotape with the facts.

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