Mhoni Vidente explains the future of Shakira, Piqué and Clara Chía Martí (the marriage, revenge and the book of revelations)

Mhoni Vidente explains the future of Shakira, Piqué and Clara Chía Martí (the marriage, revenge and the book of revelations)

Colombian singer Shakira and former Spanish soccer player Gerard Piqué continue to speak out due to the constant controversies that have arisen since June 4, 2022, the date they announced their separation via statement.

Shakira and Piqué began their love story in 2011 but ended their romantic relationship after 12 years and two children, Milan and Sasha, aged 9 and 7.

Amid rumors of Piqué’s alleged infidelity, the story of the Colombian singer and former Spanish soccer player continues to stir debate on social media, most notably with the release of BZRP Music Session #53, a song in which Shakira assisted Bizarrap in throwing poisoned darts start was directed against the former footballer and his current girlfriend Clara Chía Martí.

Several celebrities reacted to the song’s lyrics. In addition, Piqué’s current sentimental partner spoke out on social networks, although he later deleted the mysterious message he shared with his followers.

The criticism continues in the face of a struggle that seems to have no end and So said the fortune teller of Cuban origin, Mhoni Vidente, known for her constant predictions of world events. and little by little it has gained admirers who share its content.

The famous psychic usually posts and shares her predictions on her YouTube channel and recently revealed what to expect for Shakira, Piqué and Clara Chía Martí.

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Seer said 2023 will have a lot of positive things, albeit not so much for some, when it comes to the ex’s future.

“Shakira is an Aquarius and we will enter the Aquarian Age,” said the astrologer, hinting that the next few days will be associated with the zodiac sign. What did alarm the singer’s fans, though, was what he said about the former soccer player walking down the aisle with his current partner, which he didn’t do with the Congratulations and Monotony performer.

“Now Piqué is marrying his girlfriend Clara Chía. He will marry Clara Chía on February 2 or 14 since he could never marry Shakira,” he said.

The astrologer also pointed out that Shakira’s reaction to her songs stems from ego and pride because Piqué transformed her into a 22-year-old who isn’t an artist. “It hurts a lot because when you’re famous it’s very difficult,” said Vidente.

The fortune teller not only predicted the future of Piqué and Clara Chía, she did the same for Shakira, hinting that the Colombian singer has someone to share her love with. “Most importantly, Shakira already has a steady partner who was this reggaeton boy living in Miami“, said.

Mhoni explained that although it was good marketing, no more songs will be coming, but the show will continue with more conflict.

“The bad thing is they’re going to throw away a huge demand for the kids. now Piqué will take revenge He’s going to be a father, he’s going to marry Clara Chía and I think the show will go on, not with songs but with a book. Now he’s going to publish a book in which he points out that Shakira took away his youth,” he said.

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