Mexico seven members of the same family murdered

Mexico: seven members of the same family murdered

Seven members of the same family were murdered in eastern Mexico at a time of mounting criticism of President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador’s security policies, who reiterate that violence cannot be fought with violence. The bodies of three women and four men, including a minor, were found on Sunday in the state of Veracruz (east), one of the states hardest hit by violence, prosecutors said on Monday.

The victims “are members of a single family” who own a chain of butcher shops, a source with the National Guard, a security force created by President Lopez Obrador after he came to power in 2018, told AFP former President Vicente Calderon (2006-2012) then waged an all-out war against drug traffickers, eventually killing them, radicalized and atomized, more armed and violent cells.

On Saturday, an army officer died during an operation that led to the arrest of three suspected narcos in Sonora state (northwest), the head of state told the daily press during his conference. According to official figures, Mexico recorded 12,737 murders between January and May. “We are convinced that we cannot counter violence with violence,” reiterated the head of state, who said he wanted to start by tackling the root causes of violence, namely poverty and unemployment. Their “hugs not gunfights” strategy with organized crime was questioned after the killing of two Jesuits 10 days ago in the mountains of Chihuahua (north).

“How many attacks in Mexico!” lamented Pope Francis, himself a Jesuit. “It is time to review the failing security strategies,” responded the Bishops’ Conference, calling on the government to listen to all of society (victims’ families, police, media, all parties…) and to initiate a “national dialogue” for peace. “We believe there is no point in denying reality,” she added.