Mexico Prison attack killing 14 24 outlaws

Mexico: Prison attack killing 14, 24 outlaws

According to local authorities, another 13 people were injured; ten guards are among the victims

EFE/Luis TorresPrison attack in Mexico
The attack took place in a prison in the municipality of Ciudad Juárez in the state of Chihuahua

An attack on a prison in Mexico resulted in the deaths of 14 people in Ciudad Juárez in the state chihuahua, in the north of the country. Among the victims are 10 guards. Another 13 people were injured. According to local authorities, at least 24 inmates escaped from the prison unit. “The deaths of 14 people have been documented, including 10 prison security and detention officials and four people deprived of their liberty; In addition, 13 were injured and at least 24 escaped,” Chihuahuan prosecutors said in a statement. Four gunmen are said to have arrived at the prison in the early hours of the morning and shot at the guards as some visitors were awaiting permission to enter the prison on New Year’s Eve. Initial investigations by local authorities revealed that the aim was to facilitate the escape of a group of detainees. After the crime, state police made four arrests without saying whether they were fugitives or the aggressors. Members of the Sinaloa and Juares cartels are imprisoned in this prison. The two factions have been battling for control of the city for over 15 years.