Mexico Husbands words and love saved his wife after boat

Mexico: Husband’s ‘words and love’ saved his wife after boat propeller hit her – insider

  • British woman Amor Armitage was diving near the island of Cozumel when a boat propeller ripped into her body.
  • The ship’s propeller cut open her stomach, genitals and legs, causing serious injuries.
  • Her husband Chase’s “words and love” kept her alive when she was rushed to the hospital, she said.

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A British yoga teacher was snorkeling off the coast of Mexico’s Caribbean island of Cozumel on December 17 when she was cut open and seriously injured by a boat’s propeller.

Amor Armitage, 37, was immediately rushed to hospital where she underwent life-saving four-hour surgery to rebuild her bones and tendons, the Times of London reported.

But it was her husband Chase Armitage’s “words and love” that she said kept her alive on that horrific trip to the hospital, she told the newspaper.

Armitage told the Times that if “it wasn’t for my angel Chase,” I wouldn’t be here today.

A crowdfunding page set up to help get Armitage back to the UK after the accident that girlfriend Rita Melro set up reports what happened on December 17th and legs,” the friend wrote.

In an Instagram post on Friday, Armitage said everything seemed to “slow down” as she felt the boat’s propeller hit her stomach, legs and genitals. She said she let out a “visceral cry for help.”

The boat’s captain told her to climb the ladder onto the boat, she said, but she could see her “inside out.” In the post, Armitage explained that somehow she managed to push herself onto the boat.

She took to Instagram to describe how her body felt “mangled” and she felt “a pain that’s out of this world,” per Sky News.

Then her husband, a professional stuntman, joined her.

Speaking to The Mail on Sunday, her husband said: “I’ve just removed the heavy scuba gear and held on to it as best I could. You hear people talk about soul mates and Cupid and I are those soul mates. We are As quite spiritual people we feel closely connected.

“‘I told her I wasn’t going to let her go, that we had so much strength together that the world needed her and it wasn’t time to leave her. And that she had shown that she was a miracle by staying alive. “

He continued, “But it wasn’t even about the words. The love we have is strong enough. She also has a positive attitude and that helped her a lot despite the situation she was in.”

Armitage’s husband is now trying to raise money for her treatment, which has cost over £60,000 ($72,318) so far, The Times reported.

She is currently in a convalescent ward and is treated daily in a hyperbaric chamber to increase her oxygen levels and speed up her recovery, The Mail on Sunday reported.