Mexico: Canadian killed on honeymoon

Mexico: Canadian killed on honeymoon

After her husband is killed on their honeymoon, a Winnipeg woman searches for answers about his death.

The day before she returned to the country, Stacey Ropos was notified of the death of her husband, Jesse Ropos, by hotel workers in Puerto Aventuras, Mexico.

“It’s a gated community. It should be incredibly safe,” she said in an interview with CTV News.

The couple just spent nine days at the Catalonia Riviera Maya Resort during which they “made a lot of memories,” the woman added. On January 13, during their last night of their honeymoon, everything turned to tragedy.

The newlyweds went to the hotel bar, but the woman went back to the bedroom while the man stayed.

According to documents obtained by CTV News, Jesse Ropos allegedly fought with two men and two employees. Ropos was then arrested by the two employees. According to the police report, one of them strangled him.

At around 3am Stacey was woken up and taken to the bar where she was told her husband had died.

“As I was leaving, I saw the police tape and a woman said to me, ‘I am sorry to report that your husband is dead.’ I immediately ran under the tape and started yelling for him to get up,” the woman recalled.

Two men, aged 36 and 34, were arrested for manslaughter. They remain in custody pending further trial.

In a statement, a spokesman for Global Affairs Canada assured that consular authorities in Mexico are in contact with local police and are offering support to the family.

“Due to confidentiality reasons, no further information can be shared,” it said.