Mexico asks to investigate US officials in case of corruption

Mexico asks to investigate US officials in case of corruption

In his morning press conference, the President responded to a related question and explained that the trial is beginning now that the jury is integrated and the verdict will be known in eight weeks. I hope they give everyone information, he said.

He revealed that the New York judge handling the case suggested that United States officials involved in the bribery and crimes committed by García Luna should not be included in the trial, and we asked why not, he said.

For their part, the lawyers are demanding that the prisoner’s assets, which he acquired after his tenure as secretary ended in 2012, not be taken into account, on the assumption that the businesses, which he illegally continued until 2018, are private and have no foundation , to be considered ?

“But it’s common sense to imagine how much money has been raised in six years,” the president said.

It is enormous wealth, not only in cash, beyond the estimated $250 million stolen from Mexico in the time of Vicente Fox (2000-2006) and Felipe Calderón (2012-2018), but also in securities, luxury residences and houses in the United States, yachts and many other real estate, why so much in just six years? Everything must be examined, he repeated.

We’re talking about a senior official, he said, who was in a minimal position at Fox and immediately achieved a relevant position against the crime he was involved in, rose further in public safety and became a man very close to the former stood President Calderon.

He denounced the silence of the so-called most famous major press because they were also involved in one way or another with García Luna and, in the case of Mexico, quoted, among others, the commentators Ciro Gómez Leyva and Carlos Loret de Mola and Televisa , who stood up for the defendant, who was very influential in the media.

But he also had very good relationships with high-ranking United States officials, so it is good to see the extent to which agents and public officials of the country pursuing him are involved that they do not lend themselves to deception in addition to protecting the accused from the Sinaloa cartel and organized crime in general, López Obrador said.

Of course, he clarified that Mexico will fight that if they condemn it, as it would be right, they have to return the money stolen from the nation, they have to return it, in this and in any other case of corruption, and not only those of García Luna, but of all those who benefited from the bribery he carried out.