Mexicans go to the Quebec cinema

Mexicans go to the Quebec cinema

Each week, we take stock of international media interest in Québec.

Known and recognized all over the world: Quebec is a real incubator of cultural products.

Songs, television, dance and cinema are sectors that promote cultural Quebec every week.

Reporting in foreign media promotes the expansion of our artists into other markets, but also attracts foreign investors.

Public relations is the key to development!

We have often seen, read or heard in France that we are a very creative people. “Oh Quebecers! Quebec is small but they do so many great things. How many times have we heard that? Easy for us to see. We have easy access to most French media.

To the Mexicans

This week, however, the Mexican press is interested in our cinema. Several articles are vividly reporting the return of the Quebecine MX, arriving in its 7th edition after a two-year absence due to COVID. The event will take place from September 23rd to October 2nd.

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Admittedly, this is an opportunity for Mexican cinema-goers to discover a dozen Quebec feature films, but also to encourage encounters between local producers, artisans and investors.

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La Jornada newspaper explains that in Quebec, 85% of film production is foreign. Our producers have to combine most of the time with poverty budgets. Turnovers of $1.5 million for a film are not uncommon. The lucky ones can see their funding go up to $18 million. This is insignificant compared to American productions, which often have a $20 million budget just for Quebec promotion.

According to the daily, similar efforts have been made in cities such as Buenos Aires (Argentina), Bogota (Colombia) and Montevideo (Uruguay).

Elsewhere this week: The Sovereignty of the Queen and Quebec

The ABC newspaper, published in Madrid, Spain, last Sunday offered a long dossier on the implications of the Queen’s death and the arrival of Charles III. The changing of the guard could encourage erosion among Commonwealth member countries, says the journalist.

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His analysis is surprising when he claims that the resentment we in Quebec generally harbor towards royalty could fuel our sovereignist movement with the arrival of the new king.

There must have been something that nobody saw or showed us.

I finally…

He must not have thought that anyone would notice him.

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  • Period from September 25th to 29th, 2022
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  • Mexico 6.90%