Meu Amigo Enzo Is the film based on real events

Meu Amigo Enzo: Is the film based on real events? Music and Movies

If the film features a dog as the protagonist, you can be sure that the premise will be gripping. In Meu Amigo Enzo, out 2019, he tells the story of a very intelligent dog who spends his days philosophizing and learning how a human acts, all the while observing his owner, the racing driver Denny Swift.

In addition to the dog, the film also stars Milo Ventimiglia, Kevin Costner as the narrator of the dog Enzo, and the cast of Amanda Seyfried, Martin Donovan, Kathy Baker and Ryan Kiera Armstrong.

Based on true facts?

The feature that tells the story of the golden dog Golden Retriever bought by Denny Swift who decides to name him Enzo to honor the creator of Ferrari. Denny takes the dog to his races and the animal gets a special taste for adrenaline and starts watching the races live on TV. However, everything begins to change when the pilot falls in love with Eve and changes their dating routine.

Although suspenseful, the film is not based on real events, but is adapted from a literary production, the bestseller “A Arte de Correr da Chuva” by Garth Stein from 2008. A very interesting curiosity for Brazilians is that the author of the book is a big fan of Ayrton Senna, who also inspired the creation of Denny. The exBrazilian had the ability to stand out when racing in the rain, hence the original title.

The adaptation was criticized for not exploring Denny’s life as much. Directed by Simon Curtis and scripted by Mark Bomback, the viewer may be surprised by the narration that will evoke many emotions and create a connection between the story and the viewers.