Metroid Prime 4 Any news planned for very soon

Metroid Prime 4: Any news planned for very soon? – Millennium

2023 is just beginning, rumors are circulating at Nintendo! And that doesn’t affect The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, nor the Nintendo Switch 2 or Pro, but Metroid Prime. Announced 6 years ago at E3 2017, the year the Switch launched, and without news for almost as long, Metroid Prime has a bit of the Silksong effect that makes you wonder if the game isn’t forgotten or abandoned would. But the latter has been showing signs of life recently, so why not Metroid Prime!

Announcement soon?

Confirmed in development as late as 2019 at the controls now of Retro Studios, at the origin of the license’s three flagship episodes, Metroid Prime 4 could have news very soon. In any case, this is what a seasoned leaker on Reddit suggests. In a private message to one of the GamingAndLeaks subreddit moderators, he reportedly wrote, “Do you think everyone is prepared and ready?”. Grammatically correct but linguistically odd, it’s the reference to Metroid “Prime” that needs to be kept in mind here.

This certified leaker would have had a clear record so far, after predicting Skyward Sword, WarioWare, Splatoon 3 before a Nintendo Direct confirmed his statements. He also reportedly revealed the name of the next Zelda, Tears of the Kingdom, the day before its reveal, sending it a private message: “Zelda fans will be crying tears of joy tomorrow.” with Metroid Prime 4 as the star of the show, years after its existence was announced.

Metroid horror

A possible plan B?

Other rumors would concern a specific Metroid Prime Remastered that had been announced in 2019 and was originally scheduled for late 2022. We doubt the leaker would drop those sorts of encrypted bombs for a basic remaster, but who knows. A brief announcement about Metroid seems to be in the offing anyway, The Christmas holidays are drawing to a close and the next few weeks promise to be busy for Nintendo. A live very soon? We stay alert.