Metallica fans are pissed about Stranger Things for a surreal

Metallica fans are pissed about “Stranger Things” for a surreal reason

One of the classics Metallica, Master of Puppets, released in March 1986, returned to the top of the charts after appearing in the latest episode of the Netflix series Stranger Things. The song peaked at its highest ranking to date this Sunday, 3rd, at number 26 on Spotify’s Top 50 Global, up 158 positions since last week.

A similar phenomenon occurred with the song Running Up That Hill by Kate Bush, which reached number one on both Spotify and Billboard after appearing in the same series. The difference is that Kate Bush hasn’t performed live or released anything new in years. Metallica are on tour and played shows in Brazil in May. In the series, Eddie’s (Joseph Quinn) character plays the song on guitar as the characters advance into Upside Down.

Metallica's Master of Puppets hit this Sunday, March 3rd Metallica’s Master of Puppets reached #26 on Spotify this Sunday, 3 Spotify/Disclosure

Unlike Kate Bush’s fans, who celebrated the singer’s discovery by younger people, heavy metal fans are not enjoying the song’s popularity at all. On Twitter, fans complained that the song was now being played to exhaustion everywhere, as if that were a problem.

The phenomenon of old hit revivals has become commonplace in recent years, fueled by the use of songs in movie soundtracks, television series, video games — and of course the ubiquitous social media. Songs released decades ago have returned to the charts. Fleetwood Mac’s song Dreams is one such example. The rocker classic dates back to 1977 but returned to the top of the charts after going viral on TikTok in 2020 with a video of a skater listening to the song while drinking cranberry juice. The Chinese network was also responsible for Abba’s resurgence. Thanks to videos of teenagers dancing to the Swedish group’s songs, the four members reunited and released an album of unreleased music last year, four decades after their split. In theaters, The Batman, starring Robert Pattinson, brought Nirvana’s sinister Something to The Way Out of Limbo. At the time of release 31 years ago, it had not charted. Now it has made its belated debut on Billboard.

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