Messi’s wife’s strong reaction to a post by Shakira revealing whose side she’s on

Messi’s wife’s strong reaction to a post by Shakira revealing whose side she’s on

Supporters are stunned to see that Antonela Roccuzzo has revealed her position in Gerard Piqué’s split with the Colombian; and they also told him what they thought of his attitude.

Much has been said about the alleged enmity or bad relationship between Antonela Roccuzzo, Leonel Messi’s wife, and singer Shakira, who is facing a media split with the father of her children.

The issue between the two divas made headlines again after Anto revealed his position in the sentimental pause between Barcelona player Gerard Piqué and the Colombian.

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BeFunky design 2021 01 01T101731.286Antonela Roccuzzo and Lionel Messi at their New Year’s Eve party. Photo shoot Instagram.

The ‘Inevitable’ hitmaker recently posted a photo of her hugging her two little ones, Milan and Sasha. And it was precisely at this post that Roccuzzo left his mark with an energetic reaction.

The Argentinian star’s wife couldn’t help but express what she was thinking before the news Shakira shared the revealing photo with. The singer wrote: “The purest love” and Anto responded with two emojis with heart eyes.

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The gesture didn’t go unnoticed by Barranquilla fans and of course they didn’t miss an opportunity to tell Argentina what they thought.

“I love your solidarity. This is the attitude”, “Thank you for supporting Sahaki”, “Queens” and “Support among women. Together we are stronger, ”were some of the appreciative comments from the followers.