Messi unfollows Milei on Instagram False posts link Argentine star

Messi unfollows Milei on Instagram: False posts link Argentine star to extremist candidate

Via X (formerly Twitter), a user shared a screenshot of the footballer’s Instagram account Lionel MessiInter Miami forward who he is said to be following Javier Miley, candidate for the presidency of Argentina for La Libertad Avanza. “Messi has started following Milei, it’s amazing,” read the tweet, which has garnered more than 70,000 likes since August 13 last year. However, the information provided by this collection is INCORRECT. The viralized image is a Assembly.

Messi unfollows Milei on Instagram False posts link Argentine star The fake post has more than 70,000 likes. Photo: Twitter recording

Lionel Messi does not follow Javier Milei: picture is wrong

First, let’s check the soccer player’s official Instagram account Lionel Messi. Out of a total of 300 people being tracked (as of August 24), none He is the far-right candidate Javier Milei.

In addition, we notice that There is a discrepancy between the numbers of supporters and followers of Messi compared to the viralized image. Thus, the Inter Miami forward currently has 484 million followers and 300 followers, while the capture brought him 263 million followers and 277 followers (including Milei reportedly).

Through a specific search, we found records of when Messi had this number of followers and followers on Instagram. The result was two journalistic notes by the September 10, 2021 (here and here). In them, a tweet This shows that the “flea” has followed the former president of Argentina. Maurice Macri.

1692923295 790 Messi unfollows Milei on Instagram False posts link Argentine star In September 2021, when Messi followed Macri, he had 263 million followers and was followed by 277. Photo: Twitter recording

Other tweets attached records of this fact stating that indeed Messi had 263 million followers and was followed by 277. That said, the picture where Lionel Messi “follows” Milei is a Assembly made from this catch.

Users link Inter Miami player to candidate Javier Milei

It’s not the first time we’ve checked this wrong information that tries to associate Lionel Messi with Javier Miley. Recently a edited video in which the legendary Argentine forward expressed his support for the libertarian presidential candidate. It was a false tone placed in the video of an interview with Messi in December 2017.

Likewise, in June this year, we denied a montage in which the captain of the Argentine team was presented with the book “El camino del libertario” by Javier Milei.


The apparent screenshot of Lionel Messi “following” Javier Milei on Instagram is a Assembly. Upon checking the official profile of the Rosario footballer, there is no record that he follows the Argentine presidential candidate. Likewise, the image was created from a real shot from 2021, which showed Messi following former Argentine President Mauricio Macri. Consequently, Republic checker Rate this viral post as fake.

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