1675526537 Messi existed in Egypt thousands of years ago you discover

Messi existed in Egypt thousands of years ago: you discover a mummy with the Argentine’s surname

Messi existed in Egypt thousands of years ago you discover

A famous archaeologist made this discovery in the Saqqara necropolis and found remains of someone who shared the same surname as the “flea”.

Lionel Messi, apparently had a namesake that lived in ancient Egypt thousands of years ago. The PSG striker’s surname has been present in this world since ancient times and was found in the African country by a group of archaeologists who found a mummy in the Saqqara necropolis. The author of this discovery was Zahi Hawass.

The discoverer explained that what was found was more than 4,000 million years old. It had some remains and a sarcophagus that is intact.

“I stuck my head in to see what was inside the sarcophagus: a beautiful mummy of a man, completely covered in layers of gold,” Hawass said.

“In the same area where we found the nine statues, there was a false door. This door belongs to a specific Messi: not the one from Argentina who won the World Cup, but another Messi. This Messi lived about 4,300 years ago. From this we can conclude that the statues belong to the man named Messi,” he added.

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When will Lionel Messi’s PSG play?

PSG play the 22nd appointment of Ligue 1 in France this Saturday, February 4th. Lionel Messi and co will be on the hunt for another domestic league win.

The Parisian team is currently the leader with 51 points. However, they hardly have an advantage over their closest competitor Marseille (second with 46 points).