Message of Aymee Nuviola to the Cubans

Message of Aymée Nuviola to the Cubans

In the middle of Protests that are taking over the streets of Havana these daysArtists from the island have joined the calls for freedom for Cuba and the singer Aymee Nuviola Is one of them.

The artist shared a video on her Instagram profile in solidarity with her people: “I ask God to give strength to all these people who are on the streets, to give them guidance, to give them discernment, to protect them, them to protect”.

Aymée Nuviola urged Cubans not to give up at this time and to fight for their rights. “Have no fear, it is time for Cuba to be free and for you to be heard and for us to be an echo of all your needs too. My social networks are at your disposal,” assured Aymée.

“We’re here to help, to support you, to ask you to continue this fight that we didn’t do it, but you can achieve it because you’re still here and because you still have the strength and the have the power to do it time to do it as a united people,” added the singer.

The 2022 Latin Grammy nominee ended her message to residents of the island with a “Viva Cuba Libra!” and “Long live the Cuban people!”

Other artists like the singer Randy Malcom joined the shows in support and solidarity with his compatriots, the demand for freedom for Cuba and the demands on the government of Miguel Díaz-Canel.

Alexis and Claudia Valdés, Leoni Torres, Alexander Delgado, Yotuel Romero, Osmani García and many others have shared the images circulating on the networks about the protests in Cuba and Messages sent ahead of the wave of protests that erupted on Thursday.

various protests anti-government riots were developed in various places in the Cuban capital. its residents not only need electricity and water through recurring power failures, but also freedom.

At the same time, numerous police officers entered the streets try to quell the protests.

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