Message exchanges between Melhem and Calabresa show intimacy.  Reading

Message exchanges between Melhem and Calabresa show intimacy. Reading

After the allegations of sexual harassment and harassment by Dani Calabresa against Marcius Melhem, which have been ongoing since 2020, columnist Ricardo Feltrin from the UOL portal published personal exchanges of messages between the two.

About 270 messages exchanged between the two, used by the former director of humor at Globo to prove his innocence, show a friendly atmosphere and recurring flirtations. The messages are in the file of the process, which is being conducted in judicial secrecy.

According to the column, the messages predate Calabresa’s call to plainclothes police to charge the station’s former director.

Understand the case of Marcius Melhem:

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In December 2020, Revista Piauí published an article on the sexual and moral harassment case of Marcius Melhem. The report details how the comedian has been behaving behind the scenes at broadcaster Reproduction/TV Globo.

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In 2021, however, the report was banned from broadcast by the Rio de Janeiro judiciary for violating the secrecy of the court proceedings. Almost a year after the ban, the case had new developments Reproduction/TV Globo

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According to the investigation, between 2010 and 2019, the comedian repeatedly engaged in inappropriate and inappropriate behavior at a variety of venues, including Globo Distribuição/Globo Studios.

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In the text, the publication describes an episode in which Melhem would have violently grabbed a Tá no Ar actress in an apartment in Barra da Tijuca in Rio de Janeiro and tried to kiss her.

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The actress is one of eight women all former subordinates of Melhem at Globo who have accused the comedian of sexually, and in some cases morally, harassing them.

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One of them said that Melhem received actresses in “underwear, with pants down or without them” Reproduction/TV Globo at the apartment where Globo had rented to act as the humor center’s newsroom

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Another said he called her a “slut” and suggested she have sex with her coworkers. More than one of the victims claimed to have been professionally boycotted for resisting the artist’s sexual advances.

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Dani Calabresa was one of the actresses who accused Marcius of moral and sexual harassment. She claims that since joining the network in 2015, she has suffered multiple harassment and boycotts from Melhem, who was her boss at the time, as coordinator of the humor reproduction department/TV Globo.

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Following Calabresa’s allegations, the case was investigated behind the scenes at the channel in late 2019. Daniela Ocampo, Melhem’s assistant, mobilized the humor team to sign a letter of support for the director with 55 signatures Reproduction/Instagram

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In March 2020, Globo issued a notice that Marcius would be relieved of his duties for four months to oversee his daughter’s treatment abroad.

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At the end of the months of absence, the network issued another note announcing the humor director’s permanent departure. However, no mention was made of the crimes he would have committedReproduction/TV Globo

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Testifying at the Women’s Aid Police Station, Melhem denied the allegations and said he always respected the women he worked with. Melhem used the word “joke” several times to defend himself against the actresses’ allegations, saying all practices were consensual reproduction/TV Globo

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According to him, the women conspired with other colleagues to destroy his reputation. In his opinion, one of the cases is about professional and even passionate revenge.

Color photography by Marcius Melhem*** Marcius

The case is ongoing and under investigation. Melhem is barred by the judiciary from attempting to contact the victims who accuse him and from disclosing private conversations he had with them Reproduction/Instagram


The first message is from November 27, 2016 at 21:59. In the lyrics, Calabresa reportedly said: “Thank you, you brought me to work, but you have no idea how happy I am with Zorra. 2 years a very happy job! THANK YOU (kiss and heart emojis).”

“My beloved. I appreciate the trust. I really appreciate your recommendation. It’s just beginning. Let’s go together (little hearts emoji),” Melhem replies.


In another exchange of messages, which took place at 12:00 am on June 1, 2017, Calabresa thanks Melhem for “remembering her.” “Thank you a thousand times for remembering my (heart emoji) best invitation.”

At that moment, Melhem quotes an act: “I love you without you sending me an act, look how clean! It’s ours! I am eternally grateful that you trust me. And I will make you very happy. Still on the globe. It’s just beginning.”

“Ahahahahaha I showed it without you Pedjirrrr!!!! Now I have to send it to Cinti to give him strength.. Fuck see lol (sad emoji and little heart),” the comedian says, hinting that she sent her colleague a nude photo.

“Haha wtf! Did it show up and I remember every detail? Suffering with Cinti and more loved ones (note: you are referring to actor Claudio Cinti who was recently fired from Globo), she replies. “I love you Marcius, thank you THOUSAND TIMES!!!!!! Kiss!!!!!!” concludes Melhem.

company party

On another occasion where the conversation would have taken place after a party hosted by Globo’s Zorra team. Piauí magazine published Calabresa’s complaint, in which she says Melhem tried to force her into a bathroom with him.

To defend himself, Melhem uses the following exchange of messages: “Hey, Dani! Do you remember what we said yesterday? Lol this message proves that we exchanged messages the next day (little heart). I loved all the crazy stuff from last night’s party (a dancer emoji and a no for under 18 sign). What you don’t remember, I’ll tell you (wink). Kisses, Marcius (who is not cold at all).”

“Oh my good morning lol (monkey emojis cover her eyes). I don’t remember what we “said” just the 7 GINS I drank? And some kisses (monkey, heart, drop),” Dani replied.

“Haha good morning. Since I don’t drink, I remember a little more. kisses and a few more things. I loved all the craziness from yesterday. Do you understand why I don’t stay at parties? I get drunk together Send Maira a kiss. Guys, I had a small party/videoke planned at home for next Saturday the 11th. (wink and kiss emojis),” says Melhem.

“I’m leaving Zorra (little monkey) ahahah. But I’ll wrap my friend Maira in bubble wrap and send her home to you (wink),” adds Melhem, quoting CEO Maira Perazzo, a friend of Calabresa.

About two months later, according to the column, on September 2nd, the two talk about the party again:

Pepperoni: Let’s do TEST (party emoji) ahah to see who can kiss Clarinha, hold me on my lap with a mermaid tail and help Magdão give birth ahahah

Better: Just for me #emalgumaincarnationjáfuigalã

Pepperoni: Ahahahah God gave you several gifts (eggplant emojis, a blonde and a blue droplet)… sorry the correct emoji was this (mic) Ahaha

Melhem: HHahhaaha it wasn’t. Take the compliment, hey!

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