Message exchange reveals intimacy of Marcius Melhem and Dani Calabresa

Message exchange reveals intimacy of Marcius Melhem and Dani Calabresa

The allegation of sexual harassment and harassment is made by Daniel Pepperoni versus Marcius Melhem get new contours. UOL columnist Ricardo Feltrin had access to 270 messages that would have been exchanged by the two comedians listed on the filing, in addition to 27 messages from 2016 to 2019, a period prior to the Civil Police complaint.

The content of the texts suggests intimacy and closeness between the two participants in the investigation. According to the columnist, at least 12 witnesses have denied there was any harassment from Melhem to Calabresa. Another 10 said they were aware of the harassment but never witnessed it.

In his testimonies, the actor admits that he “joined” to Calabresa after the split with Marcelo Adnet in 2017, but denies that he committed any harassment. The comedian said she “pretended not to notice the excesses” to “preserve her career”. Calabresa also accuses Melhem of harming her at Globo.

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Photo: João Cotta / TV Globo

“Remember what we said yesterday?”

Calabresa accused Melhem of trying to force her into a bathroom with him during a party with the ‘Zorra Total’ crew that took place on November 4, 2017.

However, as a witness, Sauma denied that this had happened, revealing that he became aware of the “history of harassment” by Piauí magazine. Luís Miranda has not yet testified. Two other people who were at the scene and were heard by the columnist said they saw the scene, but all appeared amicable.

The day after the party, the comedians exchanged messages:

Melhem: Hey Dani! Do you remember what we said yesterday? Lol this message proves that we exchanged messages the next day (little heart). I loved all the crazy stuff from last night’s party (a dancer emoji and a no for under 18 sign). What you don’t remember, I’ll tell you (wink). Kisses, Marcius (who is not cold at all).

Pepperoni: Pepperoni: My god good morning lol (monkey emojis cover their eyes). I don’t remember what we “said” just the 7 GINS I drank? And some kisses (monkey, heart, drops)

Melhem: Haha, good morning. Since I don’t drink, I remember a little more. kisses and a few more things. I loved all the craziness from yesterday. Do you understand why I don’t stay at parties? I get drunk together Send Maira a kiss. Guys, I had a small party/videoke planned at home for next Saturday the 11th. (wink and kiss emoji)

Pepperoni: I’m leaving Zorra (little monkey) ahahah. But I pack my friend Maira in bubble wrap and send her to your house (wink).

According to the column, the comedians are referring to executive Maira Perazzo, a friend of Calabresa’s who also kissed Melhem that night. Perazzo said in the testimony that he saw no harassment and neither did Calabresa tell her that dawn, but that the actress may have “blocked” the memories.


In December 2019, TV Globo’s Artistic Development and Monitoring Department (DDA) investigated Dani Calabresa’s complaint of harassment against Marcius Melhem. The case was dropped in early 2020 for lack of evidence.

After the decision, Calabresa visited the network’s compliance department, which heard proCalabresa and proMelhem witnesses. The investigation was dropped earlier this year.