Mess Griphao finds Gabriel Fops amulet but brother blames him

Mess: Griphao finds Gabriel Fop’s amulet, but brother blames him Splash

Gabriel Fop of BBB 23 (Globo) lost an item he considered an “amulet”.

Discussion. Speaking to brothers from Quarto Deserto, where he sleeps, he said Bruna may have caught it.29e510da7cd347c1b5acaaa44378aa36

Amanda even suggested that the mess in the desert room may have played a role in the item’s loss. “Tomorrow, another cleaning to find Gabriel’s picture,” said the nurse.

Tense atmosphere

“There is acid in this room,” the actress commented. And Gabriel replied: “Look, I’ve lost my ‘saint’ so I’m not responsible for rudeness”.

Bruna: “You must strongly revise your theory. You have lost your saint and will therefore be rude?”.

Gabriel: “I said I’m not responsible and not that I will be. Is it hot in this room or is it just me?”.

After a few minutes they faced each other.

Tense atmosphere. After searching for a while, Sister Bruna Griphao found the object.

Ricardo and Guime: “Here, distracted.”

Gabriel: “Where have you been? Up here? Thanks. In whose pocket? Bruna Griphao.”

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