Mercedesz Henger is beautiful: here are the photos published for her birthday RDS 100% Grandi Successi

31 years old and very keen to party. Mercedesz Henger posted a series of beautiful bikini photos to Instagram to remind all of her followers, over 800,000 to date, that it was just her birthday.

As expected, the reaction of the fans was not long in coming. Within hours, the post garnered hundreds of comments and loads of likes. Here are the pictures:

At the moment we don’t know what the future of Mercedesz Henger will be on TV. Her experience on the last edition of “The Island of the Famous”, the second of her career, was very important for her. He did not hide the desire to continue doing reality TV and maybe take part in the next “Big Brother Vip”. We also know little about his love life. On several occasions she has reiterated that she is single. With Edoardo Tavasiwith whom he had befriended a lot on the island, it then cooled off quickly.

When Isa and ChI, The former castaway recently explained how relations with Mercedesz are and Stephanie Bernal. There was a great understanding between the two, but love never blossomed. Here are his words:

“I hear them both. Of course, it’s not like there’s a who-knows-which relationship. From time to time we comment on stories on Instagram, we exchange likes. But the beauty is that there are no dislikes between us.”

Photo: Instagram