Mercedesz Henger: “I met my boyfriend over dinner.  Edoardo and Mikel?  I like them together”

Mercedesz Henger: “I met my boyfriend over dinner. Edoardo and Mikel? I like them together”

Mercedesz Henger shared how she met her now-boyfriend, entrepreneur Nico D’Amore, then spoke to GF Vip about Edoardo Tavassi and Micol Incorvaia’s relationship: “I like them, they’re cute. I see him very closely.”

Mercedesz Henger I met my boyfriend over dinner Edoardo and

Mercedesz Henger She found love again alongside Nico D’Amore. The former shipwrecked woman from the Isola dei Famosi, daughter of Eva Henger, is now happily engaged to the young entrepreneur and, in an interview with Novella 2000, tells the story how did you know him as well as to reveal his opinion report in between Edoardo Tavassi and Micol Incorvaia to the Big Brother VIP.

How Mercedesz Henger met her boyfriend

Social media surfaced the first photo of Mercedesz with the new boyfriend on New Year’s Eve, which the couple spent together at a resort in Egypt. A romantic setting and the ideal opportunity for the boy to create one for himself report even with that your family. In fact, he was also present during this holiday Mother Eva Hengerthat has new love approved the daughter:

She’s happy to see me calm. Nico was with us in Sharm el Sheik so he could assess his behavior towards me. They connected immediately and that can only please me. Finally, I would like to emphasize that I also experience good family time

The former castaway then told how he met Nico D’Amore, entrepreneur of a luxury brand dealing with leather accessories, four months ago now. First meeting at a dinner party through a mutual friend:

GFVip, Edoardo Tavassi and Micol Incorvaia hide in the closet

It all started with a collaboration through a friend of mine with her phone case brand called lux Brand. He also came to dinner and we met. After a few months I’m going out with a friend and while we were talking about it she told me that there is a boy who is very interested in me. In fact, I exclaimed: is it the guy on the cover by any chance? She smiles at me and says, “Yes, but the one on the cover is my brother.

Mercedesz’ opinion on Edoardo Tavassi and Micol Incorvaia

During the interview, Mercedesz then commented on this Relationship between Edoardo and Micol at Big Brother Vip’s house. The competitor took her to the last edition of the Island of the Famous, where there seemed to be a special harmony between them that, for many, could have become more than friendship, even if it never was. “I like the couple, they are cute together. Of course, sometimes there are small misunderstandings, but I see Edoardo very closely“Mercedesz said about them.