Mentana leads La7 marathon for election: Giletti jumps

Mentana leads La7 marathon for election: Giletti jumps

The director of Tg La7 is ready for hours of live broadcast before and after the vote. It begins on the 23rd with L’Ultima ora and then continues on September 25th

Published on: September 22, 2022 2:56 p.mEnrico Mentana

Source: La7

It’s now a few days until the much-anticipated one political elections from September 25th. The election campaign is coming to an end: the party leaders still have little time until the rigorous silence on Saturday. And while I’m waiting for the polling stations to open Enrico Mentana is already ready for his (now traditional) marathon Ba7.

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The last word: the Mentana special on Friday 23 September

A marathon that starts on Friday 09/23, with a special entitled The Last Word. On the last day of the election campaign, the director of the Tg La7 aired from 5 p.m., with a live transmission that accompanies us continuously until the news at 8 p.m. In this special, Mentana talks about the last and hectic hours before the vote, interview Leaders of all parties running for election. In order to make room for the marathon, the programming of la7 therefore experiences a lot changes: The Last Word takes the place of the usual afternoon TV series but also of Lingo – Parole in Gioco, the new quiz of Catherine Balivo usually broadcast from 6.50 p.m. until the beginning of the day. After the classic appointment with the 8 p.m. news, Otto e Mezzo goes on the air and then hands over the reins completely to Enrico Mentana early evening.

The La7 election marathon

Friday’s promises to be a kind of preview of the real marathon of the director of Tg La7, which will occupy the evening of Sunday 09/25. Immediately after In Onda, Mentana will indeed take over the lead to tell the story just before the polls close (from around 10pm). voting dayturnout at polling stations, first impressions of voters and party leaders and stay with us throughout the night, parallel to the elections, to find out who that will be winner. An appointment that has long been considered unavoidable, which takes its place on Sunday evening Massimo Giletti and it’s not the arena.

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