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Men’s Sexual Needs Compared to Women’s

After reading your courier, I would like to state my point that men frequently frequent places where sexual services are offered. I’m straight and my attraction is to women who I like a lot, but not so much that I want to commit myself to an exclusive relationship. I want to remain free and in return let the other one be free. I never felt the need to invest myself in a deep relationship.

Basically, I think men have a stronger libido than women. As I grew older, I noticed that the latter made themselves less available for carnal pleasures. What I don’t understand Why such a reluctance to indulge in something so pleasurable?

I love the female body. They are beautiful with their curves, regardless of their size and regardless of their age. They have always attracted men’s interest by their overall charm, be it from their face, chest or legs.

I am free. I don’t cheat. I will find the women who are willing to play the game well, giving men the opportunity to act out healthy fantasies and satisfy their perfectly natural needs. I’m not a perv or a pig either. I think it’s perfectly normal for a straight man to be attracted to women who are so naturally beautiful. “Beauty is not in the eye of the beholder”, as the saying goes?

Since all women are beautiful to me, I try to fill this gap in my life by going to strip clubs, although escorts are a solution too. What harm can there be between consenting adults if everything is done with respect?

I’m no longer at the age of waltzing hesitation like I was in puberty. Why go around in circles trying to guess if the other loves me or not? I no longer have my whole life ahead of me. Better to act while you still can as I no longer have the luxury of waiting. Life is so short.

In order not to fall into frustration, many men prefer to look elsewhere because the women in their life too often reject them. There’s a limit to being pushed back. In the end it fades away. Is it perverse to want to satisfy a need for affection, tenderness, gentleness? I don’t understand women’s reluctance to have sex.

For a healthy attraction

I prefer not to address the parts of your letter that bother me, to tell you that you seem to be confusing “human relationship with sexuality”. The “void of your life,” as you call it, will never be filled by going to the dancers. At best, it will calm your urges, but at a cost to you more than masturbating in front of a porn movie. I’m not denying that some women are pleasure killers, but wouldn’t there be men who lack subtlety in the amorous approach?