"men and women"Carola throws a tantrum and Maria De Filippi hits her: "It’s not just about you"

TO ”
men and women
Carola And
Frederick face further discussion. But this time it is like that
Maria DeFilippi who tries to reason with the suitor and asks her a question that puts her in crisis. ”
Carola, are you sure you’re ready for a story?“, the hostess tests the classic suitor for the umpteenth time
threatens to leave the show.

What stage is Frederick’s throne in? – Continue Federico’s journey to ”
men and women“. For months, the tronista has been focusing his attention on two suitors: Carola and Alice. However, for some time now, the two girls – upset about continuing the journey – have been arguing with Federico and threaten to leave if the tronista does not in a short time to vote Aired during the episode
February 17th It’s Carola’s turn, who again rejects the Tronista, questioning her permanence on the dating show Canale 5. At this point, however, it is the presenter who is trying to make the suitor think. ”
The perfect stories we want do not exist. But a relationship isn’t just about you and your needs. That’s why I’m asking you if you’re ready to live it“, explains Maria De Filippi. The applicant replies that she feels ready, but in fact she still proves she can’t.

Alice’s reaction – Carola would not endure the competition with the other suitor, that would be the reason why she often rejects the Tronista, who instead undertakes to justify her. It also happens during the final episode of the classic throne, when Federico shows his interest again after Carola’s “mood” and asks her to dance. At this point, however, it’s Alice who gets annoyed and leaves the studio. The Tronista dances with Carola but then asks about Alice and decides to join her in the dressing room. A back and forth between Federico, Carola and Alice that seems to end after five months, since the Tronista announces that “soon he will make his choice”.