Men and Women who was the known husband of Lady

Men and Women, who was the (known) husband of Lady Donatella

A new lady has arrived on the parterre of the throne of men and women: Donatella De Giorgio. The face of the successful dating show is of Tuscan origins and Calabrian by adoption Maria De Filippi After just a few episodes, it found its way into the homes of the show’s fans because of its association with Silvio, former acquaintance of Gemma Galgani.

In today’s episode Donatella And Silvio They told how their story unfolds outside the cameras of Canale 5. The lady at the study center spoke about her personal life and revealed that she has three children and was widowed a little over a year ago. Her husband was a well-known swimming champion:

I have Nicholas who is 23 years old and lives with me. It’s the smallest. Then I have one who is 40 and one who is 37. I am a grandmother of four grandchildren. TO Nicholas I rightly live with myself about it, I talk to him about it, I tell him everything about him (Silvio, ed.). Even if he calls. I see him as very inclined towards this matter because he rightly says that I’m fine, I’m smiling, I’m happy.
I spent 43 years with my husband and had a great time. 43 years is a long time.

Her husband was Maximum bottlesItalian record holder in 1967 in the 100 m freestyle.

The man was one of the fastest freestylers of his generation and died due to illness on June 4, 2022.