Men and women Veronica Rimondi chooses Matteo reacts like this

Men and women, Veronica Rimondi chooses: Matteo reacts like this

Men and women, Veronica Rimondi chooses: Matteo reacts like this

According to the advances of men and women, Veronica Rimondi made her choice. But how did Matteo react?

In the May 19 recording of Men and Women Veronica Rimondi he made his choice. A day after Luca Salatino’s election, the Tronista also made her own, surprising the entire public. In fact, many thought that the girl, who started later than the boy, would need a few more days to sum up and choose. But judging by what appears from the previews, the girl could already have been sure who to choose. So she chose who makes her heart beat the most: Matteo. But what did the admirer say?

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Men and women, Veronica made her choice: this is how Matteo reacts

At the moment no further details are known about the moment of the actual election and what Matteo Veronica answered. But not so long ago, the suitor gave an interview to the magazine of the show reveal that:

The future idea with Veronica is here. Even though it’s early, I’m still thinking about it. It’s going to be a bit difficult for sure because I live in Rome, she lives in Ferrara but at the same time I think if you two really like each other it would just be an easy logistic problem to solve. I think we’re related in the way we live. When I think about a future with her, I think positively.

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And then he added, denying all sorts of rumors that he wasn’t really interested in Veronica:

Shortly after Veronica’s throne began, I decided to join Men and Women. In fact, I went down these stairs to get to know them, because from the start they gave me the idea of ​​an atypical Tronista, in a positive sense of the word, compared to previous paths. I certainly differ from other suitors in my manner and personality, but most of all in the way I court Veronica, which comes very naturally to me. Also, I never talk to Veronica about other people outside because I think it’s just useless. Of course, when they ask me for an opinion about others, I express it, but I tend not to think about the other suitors, only about the relationship between me and Veronica.