Men and women twist Maria takes over the throne as

Men and women twist: Maria takes over the throne as the protagonist, she had lost her job Newsby

Male and female scene shot in the Philippines
Studio shot men and women. Credit: Mediaset Play

Big twist for both men and women: Maria De Filippi takes on the protagonist of the throne who lost her job.

It may have been many years since it first aired, but Men and Women is one of those programs that never misses an opportunity to surprise its audience. Between twists, arguments, love stories and reports, the dating show Canale 5 always offers a good reason to tune in at 2.45 p.m. and not miss a single episode.

Male and female scene shot suitorsJob offer De Filippi men and women. Credits: play mediaset

If you too are avid supporters of men and women, you know one is on the way unmissable bet. We don’t know when it will air, mind you, but given the progress we can tell you loudly that it will be an unmissable appointment. It is actually rumored on the internet that everything really happened during one of the last recordings. So not only different ladies and knights took turns in the study center, but also Maria De Filippi would even have made a job offer to a protagonist of the throne. Are alone Twist, don’t you think so?

Maria De Filippi offers the protagonist of men and women a job: what happened

Who says those who go to men and women can only find love? This very young protagonist of the program would even have found a new job after resigning. This happened a few days ago in a re-recorded episode of the show that left everyone speechless. On the other hand, this is by no means the first time this has happened. A few years ago, in fact, Maria De Filippi has decided to include some of the protagonists of her programs on her staff. For example, let’s talk about Teresa Cilia, Fabio Ferrara and Laura Frenna, but also Giacomo Czerny. Are you also curious about what happened?

Indeed, during the last shot, the young protagonist of the classic Throne He told the studio that he lost his job because of too many absences. And that I am currently unemployed. At this point, Maria De Filippi would have intervened in the discussion. And to prove once again that he had a big heart, he would offer her a job. To date, we don’t have much news about it, but we can only imagine that the young woman was completely stunned by such an offer. Are you also curious who we are talking about? Here she is:

Vacancies for men and womenAlice men and women. Credit: Mediaset Play

At this point the question arises: What did Alice do before Men and Women? During her presentation, the young woman said it was her the manager of a men’s clothing store. And to be particularly connected to this work. Unfortunately, his participation in the Canale 5 program and the commitments that came with it made him lose it. Still, young Barisciani can claim victory: the Queen of Mediaset has offered her a job and the opportunity to move to Rome. Do you think he will accept? We sincerely hope so, because proposals like this don’t come along every day.