Men and women, Tara Gabrieletto returns to talk about Cristian Gallella

Men and women, Tara Gabrieletto returns to talk about Cristian Gallella

Tara Gabrieletto She returned to talk to her about the end of the marriage Christian Gallella.

They were one of the longest-lived couples born of men and women, and indeed, after four years, they realized their dream of getting married in 2016 after their union. In the beginning it had been right Tara to say that she is going through a real crisis together with her husband. Then the same Christian he had intervened and announced the final separation.

Nothing has been heard about her love life since then. Only in the month January spread an indiscretion that he saw Tara romantically linked to another man: Mirko Moi. The latter, born in 1990, is an established footballer and defender who plays for Biancavilla, a team from Catania. The client at the time had not concealed his presence at the time, but published a photo with him Mirko.

But something seems to have gone wrong here, too. A few days ago, Tara had actually let herself be carried away to a drain on Instagram against “someone who has pretended for years and does not know how to respect”.

However, yesterday she took to social media again to answer the strangest questions from fans who asked her if she was single and when she would be introducing her new boyfriend. And here are the answers he gave:

I am otherwise free / engaged. If he turns up at my place, I’ll introduce him.

But not only. The former Men and Women familiar face is also back to talk about the ex-husband. And to those who asked her if she would see him again, she promptly replied:

no That’s what the lawyer is for.

And again he explained the main cause that caused the two to drift apart:

I never told the causes and I certainly won’t start now. I think what you find on google is enough.

Tara Gabrieletto However, she has no regrets about getting married either Gallella but that would never return to the dating show to this day. When asked the umpteenth question “How did a love as big as yours come about?”, the woman commented:

Because apparently it wasn’t a great love for both of us at the time, but only for me.

Finally, he surprised by revealing a background. To a user who asked her: “Christian After the breakup, did he try to win you over? “. She said:

Yes, and the moment I lowered my defense it went away again. So Peace & Love.