Men and women Nicole Mazzoccato the revelations about pregnancy

Men and women, Nicole Mazzoccato: the revelations about pregnancy ..

Men and women, an incredible confession from a much-loved former contender for the classic throne. What did he reveal? Who became pregnant shortly after meeting her current partner. Looking for a child and arriving immediately: After a short time, the two were in a relationship. Who are we talking about? Let’s try to find out together.

07:00 Men and women, former admirer reveals: Pregnant right now & # 8230;

Men and women, I answer the question. And so it turns out that theformer admirer of the program guided out Mary of Filippididn’t just stay”electric shock” from his current partner: They both went on and decided to do it ready even for one Pregnancy.

What was arrived very on time. Did the former Dating of Feelings star get pregnant right after they first met? Let’s find out more.

Men and women, Nicole Mazzoccato and Fabio Colloricchio

07:00 Men and women, former admirer reveals: Pregnant right now & # 8230;

It was the 2015, when the Tronista Fabio Colloricchio He chose Nicole Mazzoccato. THE petals were scesi upon her to seal a relationship fans hoped would never end.

But the love story, after a series of accusations and twists and turns thereafter four years he finished. Not only. There was no lack of that Defiance, poison and lamentations. Then each of them made it get on with your life.

Men and women, Nicole and Armando parents in a month

07:00 Men and women, former admirer reveals: Pregnant right now & # 8230;

As I said the love story in between Nico and Fabio is now an old memory. But one thing Period the two have in common: they will Parents.

is Nicole who is engaged to cAlciatore Armando Anastasio, that the Partners of Fabio Wait a child. Nicole and Armando started dating him a year ago. And after a short time she announced that she was pregnant.

Men and women, Nicole confesses: “Armando and I immediately …”

07:00 Men and women, former admirer reveals: Pregnant right now & # 8230;

What does it have explained the model and former protagonist of Men and women? A revelation that got around on the internet. During the question field of followers, one of his fans doing some calculations teased Nicoland points out:

But did you get pregnant right after you met him?

And you calm Has answered that it was so and that the thing Not had happened coincidentally but in a way budgeted.

Actually yes, but consciously. We wanted it, we were looking for it. We didn’t think we were so lucky. We had plans for this summer, long trips and in different places.

We were very calm and in no hurry. We wanted it and were willing to wait as long as necessary for it. It was never a whim, it was a decision with head and heart.

In short, it could be considered genuine Headshot, a bit reckless, though See the Results and the joy of future parents, there is no doubt about that. In between a month Nicole and Armando will become Parents, also celebrates them her freshman year since when yes You are known.