Men and women, Natalia comparisons in tears: "I’m afraid of always having to be perfect"

Men and women, Natalia comparisons in tears: "I’m afraid of always having to be perfect"

Andrea Zelletta’s girlfriend’s outburst.

Natalia ParagoniNotice to viewers of the dating show by men and womenwhen it was chosen by the Apulian Tronista three years ago Andrea Zellettashe let herself go to one long and bitter outburst on Instagram.

Men and women, Natalia Paragoni in tears: “I’m afraid of always having to be perfect”

The 26-year-old, originally from Sondrio, shared some thoughts he couldn’t hold back tears. The reason? An uneasiness that often unites young girls, a feeling of inadequacy, always having to be at the top. A phenomenon that today is mainly associated with social networks.

Here’s what he said Natalia:

“I’m not always perfect, I have moments of watching here too, I don’t know how to describe them, but since I’ve been doing this job for three years it’s been happening every summer, and I don’t know why, I hold myself back a bit and feel a bit useless i’m very self critical i always think more could be done i can give more and that’s why i’m not satisfied it’s like stage fright afraid of always being perfect you feel that a lot in this job, there’s a lot of competition, in all jobs there’s competition, but here it’s a lot stronger and I don’t know, I have these holding moments that sometimes last too long.”

L’Ex suitor then burst into tears:

“I don’t know how to explain the situation. I absolutely do not complain about what I do, the fact is that there are pros and cons in every job and I only say what I feel. I hate being a burden to others because I have to be the one who does whatever it takes to make people happy, but I also think she shows us some weaknesses. I’m not perfect and I realize it.”

Natalia He admitted that he’s often around people who might not really love him for who he is:

“What I miss is enjoying the moments, enjoying the moments, enjoying the people. I miss the simple things that were there before. I try to go out, to surround myself with people who love me, who don’t want to be with me. That’s enough of the term for “character”, someone who loves me dearly and is very few in my life. “

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