Men and women, Maria De Filippi discards them all: only she wants

Men and women, Maria De Filippi discards them all: only she wants

Men and women, Maria De Filippi rejects them all: only she wants

Rumor has it that Maria De Filippi would have picked her for the next season of Men and Women: who is that?

The next issue of Men and Women is ready to debut in the afternoon of Canale Cinque from the first weeks of September. Fans can’t wait to discover all the news that awaits them. In fact, we’ve arrived a month before the actual launch, and the first progress and background on characters and new protagonists are starting to trickle. And just about characters and new protagonists have been leaked in the last few hours a really interesting indiscretion which drove all fans crazy.

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Men and women, Maria De Filippi has chosen them

According to what was launched by Mondotv24, Maria De Filippi would have chosen her own among the many old acquaintances of the program Federica Aversano as one of the faces to be brought back in the reboot. But here’s the “bombshell” news: not as Tronista, but as Lady of the Over throne. Here’s what we read about it:

MondoTV24 launches a bombshell indiscretion. Federica Aversano will not sit among the new Tronists, but will be part of the overparterre of the show. Our sources have in fact informed us about this tool implemented by De Filippi, the twenty-eight-year-old bell is much more mature than its age and many knights among the superiors have not remained indifferent to its charm, including Riccardo Guarnieri. Will it be Matteo Ranieri’s former suitor to act as third wheel in a possible return between Ida and Riccardo? We don’t know, the fact is that the over takes on different characteristics than what the show is, what most discusses on the parterre of adults are above all the characters, because very few couples come out.

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This was started by Mondotv24, we’ll just have to wait for updates and find out if we’ll see her back in the ranks of the female parterre of the Over throne in September.