Men and women, Luca and Soraia crowd out fans: the announcement goes viral

Men and women, Luca and Soraia displace fans: the announcement goes viral

Luca Salatino has made a revelation about himself and Soraia in recent days that has blown fans away.

Luca Salatino and Soraia Cerutiimmediately after the election of men and womenThey never parted, they became inseparable. They were only separated for a few days due to work and various commitments of both of them, but due to the distance (she lives in Como and he in Rome) they try to see each other as often as possible. In recent weeks, they have alternated between Como and Rome for a bit, as seen on social media. But, of course, the desire to see each other and be together is always great and therefore Distance turns out to be a problem that is not easy to ignore.

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The former admirer of men and women has spoken out on social media over the past few days, explaining how she thinks and how she most likely will. On the side there is both the will and the desire to be together more and more and to be able to live everyday life. Hence the idea of ​​finding a solution that is as functional as possible for both and deciding to settle in one of the two cities. But he also made that clear you have to see how it goes.

Men and women, Luca and Soraia announce that…

So if both Luca and Soraia had initially stated during the Men and Women magazine interview that the project and the desire to coexist were there, but it wasn’t so imminent, something may have changed by now. In a recent interview with the weekly newspaper Nuovo TV, Luca Salatino admitted the following regarding his girlfriend:

I love her but there is one obstacle and that is distance. We want to spend a lot of time together.

This could change the cards on the table and indicate that the new male-female couple intends to move in together as soon as possible. In short, we just have to wish them good luck for everything!