Men and women Isas opinion on the 021423 episode

Men and women: Isa’s opinion on the 02/14/23 episode

Let’s make the necessary premise for tonight’s episode of Men and Women: yes, they’re all ridiculous, yes, it was a dingy curtain, yes, it went down, yes, it’s trash TV, it lacks dignity, decency etc .etc.

Here, premise made.

Other than that… loved the episode, sorry I have to admit my mistakes!

I was the first to sniff at the news of another return to the studio by Ida Platanoand also for the umpteenth comparison with Richard Guarnieribut if what comes out is a trasha on the scale of the show you’re seeing today, oh I’m willing to make sacrifices too!

I should have understood the potential of the bet even then Ida She entered the studio wearing purple sparkly flared pants and a shirt she received by collecting 200 wedding gifts stolen at a little girl’s christening, and I was throwing us with trash and I didn’t get it!

At that moment she stands up and dangerously approaches the purple tulle Richard and said to him, Poor thing, to whom, but poor thing, to whom, to whom, to whom, to whom, poor thing, to whom? Look at you, look at you, unresolved, unresolved’, there’s something harmonic about it, if you put a musical base underneath, we’ve got a hit, no, please go and listen again, because the ‘to whom, to whom, to wen, poor thing who’ is just punctuated to the beat of the music, a decent backing track, a conductor and it would have been a better song than that of Pupo and Filiberto who finished second in Sanremo.

Among other things, consider that they cut everything, at a certain point we see an exchange between Richard And Alexander neara beep threat from ricky To alewe see Ida get up and the next scene will show us that Guarnieri Close behind the scenes, out of breath and anxious to even sweat the waters of baptism with a Queen Mary in gym clothes and keen to think of the usual sweets to keep him calm: in the passage between one scene and the other they cut out the whole part where the Vicinity mocks Richard because at his age he still lives with his parents and with whom the Guarnieri walks around the studio trying to catch Alexander with Gianni Sperti And Frederick Nicotera who try to stop him and appease the Apulian enthusiasm.

They always take the best from us, I really don’t understand when they got so puritanical, the pizzas from from Padua To Richard they aired it, ditto the memorable scene in which SaVO di Carlo wanted to hit Fabio Collorichio with various people trying to contain the sicilian rage dunno now they cut it all off, i’m still deeply upset by the censorship even at the feigned fainting PinucciaThink about it.

Irony aside, if I have to comment seriously (with difficulty) on this “comparison”, the considerations are as follows:

– despite, after defy, Ida didn’t want to come into the studio to confront himself Richard, he finally did. And that wasn’t necessary. If you’re happy and at ease with your “warrior” (I can’t believe these people are my age or even older and express themselves like they live in a fanficion), don’t offer yourself for something that You CAN IMAGINE how it’s going to play out and how it’s going to end. But you know, for all these people, the absence of the Elios causes more suffering than the lack of oxygen, when they call you, you can’t resist, you have to go.

Richard Both in the interview and in the episode, he seemed like a rose icon. If you’re superior and don’t care about your ex anymore, there are a thousand ways to give neutral answers without digging, but in this interview he specifically wanted to answer provocatively, so now he’s not complaining about the consequences they get. I repeat, when I want nothing more to do with my ex, especially in a public context where obviously everything said has glaring consequences, I don’t start indirect like an annoyed fifteen-year-old. He made the figure of a rose icon, period. And obviously he doesn’t win because he’s in love Idahe gnaws because a woman who used to drool for him now apparently doesn’t, which is unacceptable for someone deeply in love with himself.

– obviously the USUAL sanctification of was staged in the studio planewith John (well, he doesn’t even write anymore when it comes to Ida it is impartial like Bonolis when it comes to Inter) and also Tina Cipollati who have united against the Guarnieriwhich reminded him how hard it was when he was there plane they were a couple and how she finally broke free and has happy and easy love.

That is, but this is really a fake story, that is, to say this is to carry the message (cit). Richard was the heavyweight that brushed the wings of the graceful Idawhen those who followed them for the few months were together, between one quarrel and the other and between one island of temptation and the other (yes, because here they always speak of a relationship of years when in the end, after all, these two have actually been together since friends just passed Campoli And Angela Nasti post choice), they have always been BOTH TWO BIG BOBBLES, totally incompatible, of a heaviness half that would be enough to carry the universe.

If the story between Richard And Ida it didn’t work, it’s up to both of us, there was no victim and no perpetrator despite the torrents of tears that flooded us plane In these years we favor a superficial reading of her as a poor angel, but we who have followed EVERYTHING from the beginning, since the time of the triangle with sodiumwe know.

– we thank the Lord who gave it idardi They broke up and we thank the Lord for that instead Ida And Alexander still together, whether they’re really together or just pretending like some gossip on the web suggests, I don’t care as long as there are no strings attached to going back to the studio, thanks

But Lavinia Mauro when she rushes to make that damn choice I really can’t take it anymore, among other things, she’s also “at peace” with both suitors at the moment, what the hell does she need to get the chiulo off that chair?

Also, I really wish that his non-choice, whoever it was, would ascend the throne! A throne of Alessio Corvino It would be a relief to my tired eyes and I would look at him with a magnifying glass to see how far his kisses go, which are real gastroscopy without anesthesia and a throne of Campoli I think it would be nice, funny, and if a girl comes along and makes him really broke, she might show us a new side of herself too. in summary, There, Make sure you unlock we have other things to do here.

video of the episode: Whole Episode – Ida and Alessandro Story – Ida: “Riccardo, I saved myself. Now I’m alive!” – Ida: “Alessandro I love you!” – Alessio C.: “I don’t have a strong feeling for Lavinia” – Maria: “Alessio C. you thought Lavinia’s mother didn’t like you…” – Happy Birthday Alessio C. – Tina and the irrepressible desire for… cake on her face – Lavinia and Alessio C.: a dance and…