Men and women: Isa’s opinion on the 01/19/23 episode

Men and women: Isa’s opinion on the 01/19/23 episode

I want compensation for moral damage after tonight’s episode of Men and Women did NOT bring us the Marian Outburst Armando incarnate.

We waited days, months, years (literally because this recording is technically from last year) for this moment and in the end it was all an illusion?

I officially feel betrayed and hurt, especially if the moment in question existed and was cut short because it would be the umpteenth time, the umpteenth damn time deleting the only thing we cared about: fainting spells Pinuccia censored, censored Marian Fury, but close at this point, sorry, men and women literally living off these garbage things, imagine how different our lives would have been today if they had censored the five back then RobyDiPadua to the Guarnieri or hands on between the De Santi and Elga profiles.

I’m against this wall of censorship and silence, if the worst happens in the studio, let’s see the worst, ENOUGH STOP I AM BLACKAAAAAAAAAAAA!

Men and women Isas opinion on the 011923 episode

Despite the disappointed expectations and despite the heartbreaking absence Tina Cipollati (For me, they should include a mandatory clause, so if Tinona, whatever the reason, he can’t be present, the footage of Men and Women has to be skipped because there’s no point, no whimsy), in the end the episode was all tolerable, if only for that very high moment , in which Alessandro MulticoloredIn a deep and heartfelt voice, she told me about the lady who had regained her interest because “she stood by my side after an operation”. Queen Mary (about which, I repeat, she was pissed as a snake in this shot and at least had fought back Mauritius I don’t know who didn’t throw the garbage at her the night before) who says to him: “BUT IT WAS AN AESTHETIC PROCEDURE, BUT COME.”

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Anyway, if the Marian Outburst didn’t air, I’ll still try to explain why Lord become human he earned the spernacchioni live on national tv:

— meanwhile, the way he generally approaches women who approach him is unbearable: always pissed off, always seemingly polite, always in Hollywood star mode bending down to indulge a little of his precious plebeian time

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– say about it Andree who does not want to continue his acquaintance with her because she suffers from eating disorders (she or her daughter, I did not understand that correctly), and who therefore does not want to get involved in the problems and moods of other people who are not directly dependent on him , is from CAFONI. I mean please let’s get that bullshit straight about you always having to be honest eh, because between honesty and insensitivity there’s a middle ground of ELEGANT ways of pushing someone away.

Even if his problem in approaching this woman was that (which is legitimate, everyone decides who to date based on their own parameters), it would still be TERRIBLE to say so because maybe this woman is already suffering herself, maybe she’s already suffering from fear that no one will ever want to be with her and you arrive with the delicacy of a constipated rhino to smack that thing in her face and also on Canale 5.

‘Uh, but I know sincere’, NO, NO, NO, years and years of vulgar reality shows have convinced us that sincerity is always a value and instead NO, man, NO. There are cases when a lie avoids causing unnecessary harm to others, and that is why it is GOLD.

– the other girl who spoke at the end and this is yet another phone acquaintance made by Armando and which got nowhere, she said something as obvious and clear as it takes to scream out loud in this study, and that’s that it can be okay not to get along well with one, two, three, four people, but Armando he hasn’t started a relationship that isn’t through a switchboard operator that lasts more than two dates because I KNOW HOW MANY CENTURIES and then it’s also ridiculous to have to state the obvious and that is that he HAS NO INTENT to know a woman there or to go out with her. POINT.

At least in the early days, he struggled to build up some sort of credible knowledge, realizing that a columnist can do a lot and stand out even without having to bother leaving the house and offering dinner to strangers, he really sleeps peacefully and From seven pillows, the Madonna embodied in Beyoncé’s body could descend from these stairs, and he too would find an excuse to break the pads and accuse her of not having allowed their acquaintance to continue, due to a sophistry that she duly duly recorded during a phone call and stored in his secret dungeon, where he keeps evidence of every conversation he’s had with people from the program over the years, whether or not they will one day prove useful.

It goes without saying, however, that the error is not that Armando but by those who obviously allow him to stay there and do as he pleases, only to then crucify the poor unknown knight in the third row on duty who says “if you don’t mind nobody in here, then shall we say goodbye because it makes no sense for him to stay in the program’ .

Enough, today I’m black with everyone, with everyone, enough, closed, bye.

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video of the episode: Whole episode – Carola: “Federico, I don’t feel encouraged!” – Alice: “Federico for the umpteenth time..” – Alessandro and Gemma: the conversation – Gemma: “Alessandro among us…” – Armando: “Cristina? It will end with Alessandro if he ends with Gemma!” – Paola: “Gemma, why are you emphasizing the age factor if you are sure of yourself?” – Maria: “Alessandro but maybe to Desdemona…” – Armando and Andree: one impossible acquaintance –