Men and women, Ida Platano in the hospital: “I’m not feeling so well”

Men and women, Ida Platano in the hospital: “I’m not feeling so well”

The lady from Brescia, one of the most famous protagonists of the dating show Men and Women, disappeared from social media and explained the reason yesterday.

In the last days, Ida Platano, the lady from Brescia from the dating show by men and womenShe has gradually disappeared from social networks, although for several weeks she has not missed an opportunity to update and greet fans, telling about her holidays and moments of everyday life.

yesterday that Lady of the throne overShe explained what’s going on and there doesn’t seem to be any good news at all. Ida has published a picture from the triage of one hospitalwho accompanies the photos with these words: “

“Hello my beautiful … I meant that I didn’t disappear, but unfortunately I’m not doing so well at this time …”

It’s not yet clear what the specific problem is and why he asked for an emergency room visit in the first place.

Men and women Ida Platano in the hospital Im not

Recently the plane, directly on social media, she threw herself hard against the haters who went crazy on her profile and to whom they reserved very vulgar and offensive phrases, often involving her son. “I would like to say to those who continue to write about my son, I said that you write about me, but not about him. I really will not allow you to do so,” explained the hairdresser, originally from Palermo, who moved to Brescia very young is drawn.

Ida also received death threats to which he wanted to answer with these words:

“I don’t know who is behind this account – Ida began on Instagram – male or female doesn’t matter, but what do you eat in the morning?” poison. conscience because I help. I don’t care if I’m not there in the morning, it’s important for my son and all the people who love me and my family.

Anyway, the beautiful lady from Brescia is ready to get back in the game men and women and her presence was confirmed just over a month after the start of the new season of the dating show. throne over it could play a very unusual role, namely that of columnistleaving the female parterre but giving advice and opinions.

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