Men and women Chias opinion on the 012323 episode

Men and women: Chia’s opinion on the 01/23/23 episode

What better way than vulgar trashazzo to start the week off right? I tell you: NOTHING.

You are happy? Watching this mass of pigs slaughter each other for a glimpse of red light will make you love it even more. Are you a little down? When confronted with certain desperate people, suddenly your life will not seem so bad. How do you say it, trash can only give you ‘nZomma pleasures.

the garbage and Alessandro Sposito, which in thirty years of “single work” has evidently brought many joys. So generous that in a little while today he would even slip into it Queen Maryin the series of ladies, “to get to know each other from a sentimental and characterful side, and then also from another side…”.

But the tingling of the stories we heard today? I beg you! “I felt a bit pressured, in my opinion you have a firm nail, I don’t know if only with me or with everyone. What obsession? The se**o, the kiss on the first evening. I told him ‘would you give me the exclusive?’ and he said to me ‘if we make love tonight yes!’! I have my periods, you even wanted to come into my room last night. You told me “I’ll give you a relaxing massage and leave”…”. ‘Pallino’ is back, regà… for how long!

Men and women: Chia's take on the 01/23/23 episode

And I swear I spat it out when I saw him all serious and trying as he shared how stressful it was being with all these women at the same time and “coming over here the next day to share what I did.” have done. That doesn’t happen in normal life!”, e.g Maria DeFilippi who noisily perc*lava him and pretend to give in to him because “you’re right, it’s that part over there that’s hell!” and ask him sarcastically, “Has your life always been like this? A terrible effort!”.

Let’s get this straight, I have nothing against people who make a conscious choice to have a good time in the frying pan with the greatest possible mutual freedom. When they are adult and vaccinated (literally given the historical period) there is actually nothing wrong with it. And although it did generalize a bit as to when groom He said that “in real life we ​​all did it,” he wasn’t too wrong.

But let’s say if your modus operandi is to date twenty women at a time and inevitably slip into bed with every one of them because “I also want to get to know people from a passionate point of view, I certainly don’t do that.” Don’t wait two months for a kiss!” maybe maybe men and women it’s not the right context here. At least a pinch of extra interest should be subordinated to Elios’ biblical knowledge. Otherwise, it’s better that you go back to normal life where you can fuck them all without even having to tell the others what you did the night before, and that’s how the stress goes away, son.

In collision with Paula Ruocco I had sided with him, but only because he was facing someone taller than him. That’s how it works in this studio, you don’t side with the best, you just side with the least bad depending on the situation. And have given Alexander ‘least worst’ is quite a, eh, thing for someone pretending to be fascinated with Gemma Galgani if only the hottest ones on the ground floor anger him, he speaks for himself. What… whoever throws himself at some horny under 50 that he sees in the middle of it, I understand him if it happens again. But it still eludes me what YOU find about him enough to argue about him, that’s it.

However, this round was the least bad Desdemonathe after scaling the ego of Richard Guarnieri one exit with was enough groom and then she gave herself immediately. It’s just a pity that when the post was shortened to a Alexander underlined, like the others Alexander – the orange one Oompa lumpato put it bluntly – compared to the same name is a “gentleman”.

Men and women: Chia's take on the 01/23/23 episode

For heaven’s sake, we’re not in the Middle Ages anymore and it’s not like you have to have a ring on your finger to bestow your graces on whoever we want, God forbid. But just a starved like Gemmona can get stuck in front of a guy who boldly tells you “how can I make a choice if I don’t know any people at 360°?” where by 360° he means 90 max, eh.

He, who had courageously started with five women at the front and was practically alone with him within one shot Galgani still a hero.

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Finally, a few words about reporting Alessio Corvinothere Lavinia Mauro I can’t handle it anymore. What other than “You’re not even afraid to lose me, Alexei!”, here is the only fear of taking on someone like you in life, my daughter! Come on, but how do you do it?

That is, did we really spend twenty minutes blowing the shit out of this pig because on NEW YEARS EVE “What can’t you do after dinner?” and outside a club they shot a video of him doing it exchanging greetings with a friend? But I don’t believe it, my goodness!

I don’t even like the redhead very much and I’m not one of the drooling women who want him on the throne, but today I swear I would have put him there myself, on the red chair. And in view of this provocative “don’t you have to justify yourself??? You can go out for me too Alexei!” If he had lifted his heels and left them with a handful of flies, I would have waved at him live from my couch. ECCHECCAZ*O, come on, everything has a limit. and Lavinia He has exceeded this limit since Mo.

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First if the chick reporting it is just a friend or she e Crow they do the worst things every night, it certainly won’t be the third degree on tv for you to find out but the point is there’s no point in continuing to know them anyway if you don’t trust a person that the The only thing that can come out is TOXIC stuff.

Second, it was pretty ridiculous to see the Tronista pretend like “ah, because I know who your friends are, Alexei?” if literally the mauro He’s been living on social media since September and those pigs will be stalking his soul too (it’s no coincidence that just 5 minutes later she contradicted herself when she was talking about what he had done on New Year’s Eve, she said: “But you weren’t you with your mother and your sisters?”… FEAR, dammit!).

And third, but instead of complaining about it, “I have to put my head down and walk up to him every time. Every time I have to be the one begging for the kiss. Every time I have to be the one to play dead cat.” If you have to hold it back, just don’t. STOP begging people and let them FREE do whatever they want. And if you don’t like what they’re doing, move on to the next one and amen, oh!

But how at least’ the reporting of the friends is made Crow so as not to run the risk of finding her among them cag*gliilcaz*o, eh! Mo “You haven’t laid the foundation for me to trust you”, why not lock yourself up at home and continue to lead a social life? We are crazy.

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Lavinia and Frederick Nicotera they are identical, regà. They are clearly fixated on one person, but then they spend their lives draining their souls because they are never satisfied with what they see on social media and would like to have it any other way. They are never wrong, the others are always the bad guys, infantile braggarts who don’t give them anything.

It’s not clear why they’re so obsessed with it then.

Men and women Chias take on the 112522 episode

video from the episode: Whole episode – Alessandro Sp.: “Pamela, you didn’t tell me that you live with your ex!” – Tina: “Alessandro, didn’t you have to go out with Gemma?” – Silvia: “Alessandro, tell me…” – Desdemona: “Alessandro, you are too enterprising!” – Maria: “Alessandro al intimate knowledge is fundamental?” – Lavinia and the report on Alessio