Men and women, Armando Incarnato moving at 240 kilometers per hour is controversial

Men and women, Armando Incarnato moving at 240 kilometers per hour is controversial

Armando Incarnato He’s certainly one of the most talked about Knights of the Throne Over of men and women, and far from the studios, Elios isn’t missing out either.

In recent days, a video posted on his social profiles in particular has brought him a shiver of criticism: the knight was actually recovering while riding his motorcycle, framing the odometer that thus reached 240 km. Definitely dangerous behavior that evokes strong reactions from its followers.

In fact, there have been many comments against his behavior, comments on them Armando he did not fail to reply with some certainty. Among those who commented on the video from theembodied There are those who have defined human behavior as “rogue” and who have openly defined it as a bad example: “You are a bad example for everyone… as a man you are worthless, filmed while you are at home , don’t make a fuss ** or whatever… instead of making the co**ion on the street with a motorbike you’re a danger, they should arrest you”.

And again there are those who have pointed this out Armando is a public figure and should therefore pay attention to the messages he publishes on social networks. Precisely in this regard, there is no lack of those who recalled that many people died because they behaved like the knight at the wheel: “How many mothers saw this video and maybe that’s how they lost their children . .. ashamed”.

It was precisely these plentiful reviews that came in that led to this embodied let off steam on social media a few days ago, as we told you in this post and they also forced him to restrict the ability to leave a comment under the offending video.