Men and women, Armando Incarnato madness on social media: motorcycle video at 240 km/h

Men and women, Armando Incarnato madness on social media: motorcycle video at 240 km/h

Fiery controversy surrounding the Campania Knight’s video on Instagram.

New, fiery controversy surrounding the video posted by Armando Incarnato on Instagram. That noted knight of the throne over men and women, shared a Video of him zooming at 150 mph on a Ducati bike.

Men and women, Armando Incarnato Madness on social media: motorcycle videos at 240 km/h

Armando continues the speedometer advancing at stratospheric speed, and then he annotates it with the victory sign, then a heart with both hands and finally a thumbs up. A video that caused a lot of controversy and outrage.

“I hope this is all fake”, “You are the disgrace of all Neapolitans”, “Bravo coglion* then you kill people who might go to work or on vacation”, “You are not a good example”, “Avoid Avoid making these videos while riding your bike fast, and most importantly, avoid showing the odometer. Some guys these days have done the same thing by posting a video of them driving their car at 300 an hour. The boy skidded and died…” “Get to work, useless man,” are some of the comments on the post by embodied.

The knight from Campania also replied to some users, without taking the slightest heed of the criticism addressed to him, ironically commenting on some messages and indicating that he will be working.

Lately, Armando He had an outburst against the various haters attacking his profile with and constantly offenses and criticism wild.

“They feel entitled to judge, to insult, to threaten and even to wish for death; to rule over children, over family and over everything I have. The fact that I’m in a TV context doesn’t allow you to be ashamed of all that crap der caxx! Ps: but who the hell are you!” wrote the knight on Instagram.

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