Meloni will instead side with Orban predicts MEP Sandro Gozzi

“Meloni will instead side with Orban,” predicts MEP Sandro Gozzi

The victory of the far-right Fratelli d’Italia party in Italy’s general election raises questions about the values ​​on which Europe has sealed its union. Giorgia Meloni takes over as head of government, whose program is causing Brussels great concern. The future President of the Italian Council is ultra-conservative on social issues: with an anti-LGBT, pro-life, anti-migrant and national preference discourse.

“God, family, home”. The whole campaign was the slogan of Giorgia Meloni, leader of the Fratelli d’Italia party. The one on the verge of taking over the head of a far-right coalition government has never hidden her conservative positions, particularly by speaking out against abortion and LGBT rights.

“There will be conflicts between Italy and the EU”

After Poland, after Hungary, after Sweden, here is another government in Europe that is probably threatening fundamental rights. “There will be conflicts between Italy and other countries and the European Union over values,” said Renew MP and general secretary of the European Democratic Party Sandro Gozi. ” I’m very concerned. Because I’ve seen it in action. Giorgia Meloni is already ruling in a region of central Italy. And in that region there are big problems for end-of-life care. »

“I say secularism, Europe and civil rights! »

Giorgia Meloni maintains a strongly pro-natalist policy in a country where terminating a pregnancy is already an obstacle course. “The right to abortion in Italy is a regional competence. In the region run by Les Frères d’Italie, there are already major problems with abortion rights,” recalls Sandro Gozi. “There are also some on the rule of law at European level. Meloni will be more on the side of Orban, more on the side of Poland, and I am sure that there will be a very delicate issue with a leader who speaks about God, fatherland, family. I say secularism, Europe and civil rights! “.

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