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Meloni posted the photo with his grandmother, “grandparents pillars of society”

“I would have loved to have had you still here by my side with your teachings, your wisdom, your jokes. But I know that somehow you’ll always be with me, watching from up there. The grandparents. The pillars of our society, guardians of memory, the foundation of every family. We know the sacrifices you are making and the difficulties of so many of you, we will not look the other way. Best wishes to all and a thought to those who are sadly no longer with us. Thank you for everything “. This is the message of the leader of the brothers of Italy, Giorgia Meloni on Facebook also posted a photo with her grandmother on the occasion of Grandparents’ Day.

“Happy celebrations to all grandparents of Italy – writes on Twitter Antonio Tajani, national coordinator of Forza Italia -. For me it is the first, I do not hide that I am very excited. I hope to teach my grandson the values ​​​​of life and respect for everyone The same values ​​that I learned to live from my grandparents.

“Greetings to all grandparents and grandmothers. Starting with my grandmothers here in a photo from a few years ago. Today Maria is driving around 102 and Anna Maria around 92. The grandparents Achille and Adonis are watching them from up there,” he wrote on the social networks of IV leader Matteo Renzi.



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