Melissa Satta the taunts with the ex or with the

Melissa Satta, the taunts with the ex or with the new Berrettini love? “Whoever wants you is looking for you…”

Arrow or flirt? It is the unknown that hovers above Melissa Satta according to the stories published on his profile. “Those who want you look for you, those who love you find you, those who don’t want to lose you do everything. The rest are just excuses,” the former Striscia webiste reveals. But many are wondering who this story is aimed at: the ex Matthew Nietti who were no longer looking for her or the supposed new love, Matthew Berrettini that he would “find” her?

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The rumors about Satta and Berrettini have been circulating for days and according to paparazzi, the two appear to be a couple. But none of those directly involved have commented on the matter.

The news of the moment

Matteo Berrettini and Melissa Satta would be a new couple engaged according to reports in the weekly Chi magazine directed by Alfonso Signorini. The tennis phenom and the showgirl were in fact together paparazzi in Milan and on social media, followers have gone mad: are the two dating? Meanwhile, neither Matteo nor Melissa have exposed themselves to the issue. There is a ten-year difference between the two: the tennis player is 26 years old, the ex-tissue 36. Tennis champion Matteo Berrettini and ex-tissue Melissa Satta surprised everyone at dinner and then made their way to her home: it’s a hit from “Chi” on newsstands on January 25th. Berrettini and Satta were photographed late at night – it was 4.30am – after dinner at the Domus and after dinner at the Armani Privé in Milan, getting into Melissa’s car to drive to her house, where they will spend the rest of the night spent. The night before, the couple had gone to the Assago Forum to watch Olimpia’s basketball game. For his days in Milan, Berrettini chose a hotel close to his new flame’s home, but as documented by “Chi”, he didn’t spend all his nights there.

The working life

Matteo Berrettini and Melissa Satta are two very busy people: in fact, the tennis player wants to climb the ATP rankings by getting the best results in the tournaments and World Slams in which he participates, while the showgirl is busy with football programs on Sky channels is .

Last updated: Friday 27 January 2023 23:54