1675593140 Melgar will lose by walk over

Melgar will lose by walk over

Melgar will lose by walk over

League 1. The team will not show up to play with sporty touch in the stadium Municipality of Bernal. friendly with programmed binational.

Just one step behind Peruvian Football Federation, will allow that FBC Melgar don’t lose today by going over to him sporty touch from Piura. There is a dispute over the rights to broadcast their games.

The game is scheduled for 1 p.m. at the stadium Municipality of Bernal, is the appointed arbitrator Edwin Ordones who is known to be in Piura this morning getting dressed briefly to preside over the engagement.

The Piura team has confirmed that they will jump onto the field regardless of whether they will have a rival or not. Including, the Technician Daniel Ahmed, He gave a tactical presentation against the runner-up yesterday.

If Melgar had planned to show up today, he would have stopped by last Thursday Lima. However, the team trained normally Arequipa. Yesterday he did it on the field of Video by Characato.

Today they want to play a friendly game binational. They will be at the stadium from 9 a.m WHAT.

The Arequipa club stand by their decision not to participate in this year’s tournament if the national football federation sticks to its intentions to manage part of its economy. Melgar renewed his broadcasting rights with Consorcio FĂștbol PerĂș.