Melcochita and her imprisoned grandson reunite after 8 years: they’ve already paid for their mistakes

Melcochita and her imprisoned grandson reunite after 8 years: they’ve already paid for their mistakes

Jesús Alberto Guevara López was sentenced to 16 years in prison for aggravated robbery. his grandfather toffee He approached Andrea Llosa’s program to publicize his case and ask that his sentence be reduced or a solution found to release him as soon as possible. Faced with his testimony, the TV presenter did not hesitate to support him and contacted INPE to be able to take the comedian to prison together with the production team, where he could finally talk to his relative.

The reunion of Melcochita and her grandson Jesús Guevara in prison

After 8 years of separation, Melcochita and Jesus Guevara They saw their faces again and immediately the young man hugged the comedian as a token of gratitude for his visit. The singer also pointed out that from now on his grandson will campaign for civil compensation and a reduction in the prison sentence.

“I am happy to see my grandson. The boy has suffered enough. I’m happy to see it after so many years. If you made a mistake, you’ve already paid for it. I hope he’s meditating and I’m going to talk to him,” were Melcochita’s words to Andrea Llosa’s program hours before arriving at the prison.

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Melcochita files a petition for her imprisoned grandson

Previously, Melcochita attended Andrea Llosa’s program and revealed that she has a relative who is jailed for aggravated robbery. The comedian also asked for his release: “I’m here because it’s already too much abuse for a person who has been in prison for so many years. There are people who have killed 20 or 30 people and leave after four years”.

Melcochita is experiencing family drama: she has fallen out with her son and has a grandson in prison. Photo: Capture/ATV

Melcochita advises her grandson Jesús Guevarra

Comedian Melcochita also took the opportunity to give Jesús Guevara some advice for the future: “You have to be someone else. You’ve suffered so much that enough is enough. Well son I came to see you and I see that you have changed. You are a straight man because you paid for the mistakes you made here. In the future, you will already be working to be able to pay the civil compensation,” he said.

Melcochita in Andrea. Photo: Capture/ATV