Meghan Markle hosts a Quebec personality on her podcast

Meghan Markle hosts a Quebec personality on her podcast

Sophie Grégoire Trudeau appeared on the latest episode of the Meghan Markle-hosted Archetypes podcast, in which the two women spoke about their role as mothers and what is expected of them.

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“The guilt we feel as mothers, or as women in general, is self-imposed. I think we’ve learned to impose it on ourselves. A little girl isn’t born feeling guilty about being a girl. We’re learning that and it’s totally unacceptable,” protested Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s wife, deconstructing the role of mother to the Duchess of Sussex and other guests.

Meghan and Sophie reminded their listeners that they have been friends since they met in Toronto seven years ago.

The American presenter and actress said she invited her girlfriend and children to her home in California for a few days last summer, where they all enjoyed the pool.

“We swam, drank wine,” Meghan recalled, adding that they weren’t wives or mothers “with perfect buns, pearls and demure smiles” that day.

“That was the other version of us. The ones with messy curly hair, bathing suits, loose linens and giggles. Big hugs with our little ones […] little crowds of girls on the terrace like real schoolgirls.”

Meghan also shared that Sophie Grégoire Trudeau sent her meditation clips, encouragement and advice during her pregnancy.

“She knows what it means to be a mother, a wife and most importantly, a mother and a wife in front of the public,” Meghan told her audience.

In addition, the two accomplices made fun of this role, which was expected of them because of their public status.

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“I often call myself ‘Madam’ for protocol – I’m sure you know what that is – and my ears twitch every time. It’s just, “No, I’m not a lady,” said Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, laughing.

At the same time, Meghan Markle revealed in conversation with actress Pamela Adlon that her daughter Lilibet Diana, who will soon be one year and five months, has only recently started running.

The Archetypes Podcast is available on Spotify.

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